Saturday, 8 March 2008

Random Questions

  1. What does one wear to a Cuban themed cocktail party?
  2. Is there any scientific evidence that there is a god?
  3. If an obscenely wealthy person buys the house next door - do you get worried or be happy?
  4. Is there any proof that religious people lead happier or sadder lives than non religious people?
  5. What is the perfect menu for a brunch?
  6. Does anyone who reads the blog swim 1km or more most days?


Peter said...

# 1. Next to beach shorts a cigar!
# 2. NO !
# 3. Depends if he/she wants to broaden his/her horizon
# 4. There is proof they lead an unhappier life [who are the fanatics that try to keep the GLBT people down]
# 5. ENJOY what you've got
# 6. I don't, I'm just glad I can walk 1 km a day [a tenfold of what I walked a yera ago.

Tom Cat from Bondi Beach said...

1. Espradrills
2. Of course not
3. Happy
4. No but they do tend to get into less strife
5. It is the people not the food which is important
6. Not me sadly [I do walk the dog]

Martin said...

1. Ginch Gonch underwear and nothing more.
2. I don't care.
3. Be worried - normally they demolish and build a monstrosity. There is a saying by a renowed but now deceased architect: A peron's taste is inversely proportional to the amount of money they have.
4. Champagne. The rest doesn't matter.
5. I certainly do not. I swim 1km about once a week - but for the rest less.

Anonymous said...

what a bunch of lame questions... my favourite is what is the perfect brunch menu? followed closely by the god one... you are so fabulous

Trevor said...

Thanks Peter, Tom Cat & Martin. I wasn't sure how to combine your recommended attire for the Cuban party... so cream linen pants, white singlet (tank top) and a panama hat became the Cuban me. More on that later.
The other questions remain open for answers...

Anonymous: what a lame comment! if you're gonna be a bastard, at least make it funny.

GeoffnTerry said...

My 2 cents worth:

1. A cocktail dress of course!
2. It would depend upon whether you are looking for evidence for the 'existence' of 'god' or the 'concept' of 'God'...two different kettles of fish...Einstein had a few thoughts on this.
3. You may as well be happy...the worry will just make you miserable
4. In general I don't think that either 'religious people' or 'non-religious people' hold a monopoly on happiness or sadness. It is interesting to read books such as 'Man's Search for Meaning' though to see the perspectives of those who survived concentration camps in WWII...those who survived 'intact' and those who survived but who were quite 'damaged' (or just didn't survive at all.
I do think that those who have a sense of some sort of purpose or meaning in life and a desire to help others as a part of that do tend towards more happiness than those without though. Wherever this sense comes from (religious/spiritual/elsewhere) is really an individual discovery/journey.
5. Good company
6. Afraid not.


Alfred said...

1. a pair of funky bright colourful undies as the head piece and sarong as the bottom!
2. Scienfically, it's not been proven. Until then, it's just a philosophical concept to me.
3. As long as they hold fabulous parties, I couldn't care less.
4. It's hard to say - because these 2 groups of people try to disprove the other lot all the time! Perhaps religious people have 2 more things to worry about - heaven & hell.
5. Don't really care
6. Perhaps in 1 week... Certainly not in a day.

lynnette said... little as possible
2. you can find evidence for anything and everything
3.who cares
4. religion gives people a way to cope and a purpose. it probably makes them happier than if they did not have purpose or coping skills. likewise probably happier than other people who do not have those things.
5. must include fresh fruit. smoothies are a plus too.
6. i sure as hell don't.