Thursday, 10 July 2008

Billboard ads we can do with more of: No.1

This one found at Reykjavik airport is a good example of advertising we need more of. I'm not sure about the tag line, but I only just looked at that now, so it can't be too distracting. 

Mind you when I was at the Blue Lagoon there were only one or two guys who would fit this image, and a lot of tourists who decidedly did not, but when did the truth get in the way of a good ad? (though, when there are one or two guys who look like this do you really see the rest anyway?)

Here we have the shower after the lazing about in the geothermal power station wastewater pool... (technically that's what the blue lagoon is but you don't see that in the ad). Did I say how decadent the showers in Iceland are? Incredibly. 

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Angus said...

that showerhead looks enticing, I want one.