Friday, 25 July 2008


This morning I wake up and it's dark, very dark. I don't wake up spontaneously mind you, it's a knock at my door. The doctor replacing me has arrived and I scramble to find some clothes to wear before letting him in, handing over in the mumbling tones of someone still half asleep not really wanting to wake, and go back to bed again. I'm woken again at 8am to a cardiac arrest alarm that would wake the dead. I was dead but now I'm not. I think hmm, should I help with that? And as I think it, it goes silent- a false alarm, I get up anyway as I want to swim before breakfast. The swim is good - it's a tad warmer than last night and has the bonus of a glimmer of sun.

Friday breakfast is at the usual diggies at the beach. The weather has kept the crowds at bay and Jamie & I sit outside in essentially our own space and chat and eat for the next hour. I'd been feeling somewhat unsettled through the week, but time spent with Jamie makes me feel completely at ease again. Something about friends who are just always keen to be there and not ever demanding of anything that makes the world a better place. So this morning my world is a better place, and the rest of the day continues the same way.

At work this week - apart from some patients who have almost literally driven me crazy, it has been decided that I'm going to get some of my photos framed and up on the waiting room walls, even available for sale if I like (and I do) which essentially gives me my own gallery space. I'm excited about the prospect. Invariably there will be criticism, as one of our receptionists reminds me, but that's okay. As long as it's all GOOD. 
The pressure's on. 


The Naked Drag queen said...

Refreshing blog. You sound like a gay wet dream (excuse the pun) swimmer/doctor/photographer. Nice to know you're out there even if it is down under. Like your milky boys too pity I'm lactose intolerant. Think they'd play just as well with soya milk?

Superchilled said...

the naked drag queen: thanks! Are you lactose intolerant on the OUTSIDE? If not then you can play with the rest of the guys. If so - we'll find you a soy milk pool to frolic in. And I do know quite a few guys who'd join the lactose free experience.

Oh and do keep writing - love your blog!