Tuesday, 15 July 2008

World Youth Day - Yay! (or NAY)

World Youth Day starts today here in Sydney and goes until Sunday July 20. That's ONE BLOODY LONG DAY!

As The Frenchman texted from the streets of Sydney the other day "Sydney is hell: Christians everywhere!"

And to top it off The Pope is here to spread more misinformation to the ignorant masses. I'm afraid anyone who still condemns the use of condoms in a world where HIV is rife (especially Africa where the church has a strong hold) is in my eyes murderous and cannot be considered fit for the role as a leader of any kind. His homophobia and reluctance to deal with issues of sexual abuse by priests is just mouldy icing on an already rotten cake. 

Why do people let men like this lead them? Why do they have such high office and why do people still listen to them? 
I just don't understand.
At least one local priest is willing to object (click here for article) - why is he so in the minority?

Accordingly we have decided to add a new 4 letter word to our list of swear words, POPE. Use it anywhere you might otherwise use any other 4 letter word and put it in it's rightful place. 

What the pope? you say. 

Give me a popeing condom, I don't give a pope what the Vatican says. 

Happy Youth Day.
If you're still in Sydney - it's too late to get out. 

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Alfred said...

If god didn't want his/her followers to BREED or HAVE SEX, s/he wouldn't have INTELLIGENTLY designed such complex organs (females that bleed monthly and complicated mood swings).

We're all about sex. Without sex, the Pope wouldn't even have popped out of a vagina, which surely was his one and only contact with SEX.