Monday, 28 July 2008

Le Tour du Monde

I've been following Le Tour de France over the past 3 weeks, and am watching the last few km of the race as I type. They've been racing around France, hundreds of km per day, up and down alps and the like and still at the end there is just a minute between the top 2 competitors. They're all very good to have even made it this far, and it makes me think. To make it to the front you've got to be good, consistently good for a long long time, and even when you are - there are people breathing down your neck all the time. 

But in the Tour, as with life, there may be one person who is seen to stand out, but quite a barrage of people who have supported them all the way.  And there are very few people who get anywhere without the support of the people around them. 

I've been thinking this weekend, as I've caught up with friends who are innately supportive, helped other friends through tougher times, and at various times recently been in touch with people who have been great touchstones for me, how lucky I am to have the people that I do have in my life. Sometimes I lose sight of that - and sometimes I'm disappointed with people - but there are those who are always there, who always make an effort - and those who will challenge me when I need it and with whom I can be completely relaxed. It's these people who help me to be a better person, to have the confidence I do, and to try and be a Tour winner in my own world.

Who are the support people in the Tour of your world? and who are you a support person for?


peter said...

A friend who lives 7500 km abroad, my big Sis who lives 200 km up north and my specialists at several hospitals scattered over Amsterdam.
I try to support my HIV+ friends [a couple].

Speeding Bullett said...

Did you think the last leg was a let down? Noone seemed that bothered.

Superchilled said...

peter: cool - quite the variety

speeding bullett: I'm not sure you got the context of the post, but yes the last leg is always relaxed and informal - like a last day of school - until the very end when the sprinters are looking for points - makes for an exciting final 15km or so...
Perhaps you didn't watch to the very end?
Just like the post ?? ;-)

Speeding Bullett said...

Consider myself slapped:(

Superchilled said...

speeding bullett: I know you like it.