Friday, 11 July 2008

Do Cry...

I had a patient cry during a consultation yesterday. A blokey Australian guy - in his early 60's.  It wasn't the usual scenario: life falling apart, depressed, relationship on the rocks, crying experience. They were tears of joy. He'd started to make the lifestyle changes I'd suggested, in fact he was doing it with much gusto. He was cycling and walking and pushing himself hard, eating sensibly. He'd also quit drinking alcohol(which had been to dangerous levels) and after some weeks of doing this was feeling out of his skin, so much energy, so much drive and able to do so much more than he ever could before. It was like he was given a new lease of life. He was empowered in more ways than one and felt fantastic. It was awesome to see. Also great to have been some kind of stimulus in this life changing experience which was ultimately the result of his own effort. 

These are the kind of experiences that make all my constant harping to patients so worthwhile. In fact it made my day.

Who would have thought?

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