Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Wild Wednesday - The Sleepover

It's the first wild wednesday since I left for the arctic (where the photo for the above was taken). So now that I'm back it's time for a sleepover. The Wild Wednesday Sleepover. 

The task: have someone sleep over at your place tonight.

What is involved?  It doesn't have to be a sex-inclusive sleepover - that's completely welcome - but a platonic friend or a group of friends will do nicely too. Activities you choose to do are completely optional - but it's a school night so you probably don't want to overdo any alcohol nor take it too late. A baked dinner, BBQ, or decadent breakfast; dvd, scrabble, a deep & meaningful conversation or plain old fashioned raunch are all okay - just do it and punctuate this week with some midweek fun.


Monty said...

I actually had a Wild Wednesday sleepover last night...well, kind of. It was originally going to be a night off for both McBrad and I but about 8:30 he messaged me - he was missing me and would I like to come over? So I did! ;-)

Superchilled said...

Monty: So technically it was McBrad's wild wednesday... (next week he can come to YOUR place for it to be your wild wednesday).