Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Wild - things to do with Milk - Wednesday

I was at the gym Tuesday when the music video below came on - I was mesmerised. Not only is the song from Australian group The Presets great , but the video is quite spectacular - milk features quite heavily in the photography so I figured it would make an interesting wild wednesday theme. 
What can you do with MILK today? 
You might drink it, cook with it, make it into something particularly tasty, or maybe you'll be a bit more creative and bathe in it, make milk bombs (ie balloons filled with the white stuff) making for quite the splash or something more grand. There are a few examples below. I'm starting by pouring it on my cereal and then we'll see what I can do with it through the day...
Grab yourself a pint and get whited.
Inside or Out.

The Presets: This Boy's in Love   4min 11sec

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