Tuesday, 8 July 2008


Made it back to the land of Oz. The sun sets way too early here, but I guess it is winter. My first day back, at 21C (70F), was warmer than most of my time away in the Arctic summer, but I guess you can expect that. Nothing though is quite as fantastic as the white nights, and the sideways sunsets that just don't end - the sun just goes down on the left and rises a little farther to the right some hours later, that's if it actually sets at all. 

But as with all things - the most fun part is always connecting with people, and catching up with friends - some old, some new -  and family (also some new) is always a highlight. 

First day back at work yesterday was a 'hit the ground running' experience - non stop all day - thank god the jetlag didn't kick in until I got home - crashed on the couch and then up to my usual hours. It's all systems go - I do feel like I need a break to recover from the trip but there's no chance of that happening. 

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