Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Terrible Tuesday

It's been a hellish working day for me and for quite a few friends I've spoken with today. Just everything happening and most of it bad, very bad. I hope you haven't been affected by it too, if you haven't started work yet today or are just starting: - get out get out - come back on Wednesday, which will hopefully be a better one.


vboy said...

just wanting to say " great blog!"
Hope you weren't affected by the blackout...
and much better week ahead.

Ryan said...

Not entirely a bad day for me today. But certainly a boring day. Anyway, I choose to believe tomorrow will be better! :D

Wish you'll have better days ahead! :D

Speeding Bullett said...

Thats not like you Trevor.

Hope you managed to get wet and relaxed in the pool.

Take it easy

Monty said...

Well, I managed to have myself a dandy Tuesday! :-) But then again, I wasn't working! Yay!

Superchilled said...

vboy, ryan & speeding bullet: A belated thanks guys.
I'm sure your good wishes did push through to make the rest of my week a better one!

Monty: you're lucky you weren't at work - it was hellish in there! ;-)