Saturday, 30 June 2007

Hvar - There's More

Yes that's its name - our home for the week....

It's been some time out of range - ie docked at ports with no internet access. So we'll do some catching up. Here is one of the many bars / restaurants in Hvar - Croatia - where we're currently travelling. (More details at the travel specific blog - click here.) We're back on dry land in Dubrovnik as the ship has set sail back to Split, but it still feels like we're at sea - that rocking and rolling feeling you get - when you're not rocking and rolling...

I love sometimes being out of range - it puts the super back into superchilled. I got to try some watercolour painting, swam endless kilometres between islands and around bays and beaches and chased after countless fish, oh and a few men. But the best ones were those I didn't need to chase at all!! We had games of scrabble, bogglewords, pictionary and a few others I can't remember the name of, just like you do on those balmy summer evenings when you're on holiday with friends, and chatted away on deck and in various ports as we explored the new locales. We did a run in Hvar - early morning but still hot - as part of my continuing running phase - and enjoyed it (after a very stiff beginning) - some great sights along an oceanic path too.

Like this cafe above.

I've been practicing with the new underwater cam - too much fun! More photos to follow probably tomorrow after we've explored more of Dubrovnik... which deserves its own post or three.

Oh, and for those who will be asking - Croatian men are a mix - some are drop dead gorgeous - others less so... but there are enough distractions to make a simple walk or swim a pleasure for more than just the landscapes.

Did anyone do something for Wild Wednesday this week?

Monday, 25 June 2007

First Photos...

Hot hot hot ' summer and all is well here in Croatia. Had soem pc issues... as you do travelling... so need to keep it brief. On another island now been swimming all the time. Will detail more when I have some time... look below for some update pics too...

the flights...

Saturday, 23 June 2007

I Love Summer!!

We arrived in a sweltering Split (southern coastal Croatia) - 40 degrees earlier in the day and 36 when we got here. It means the men are mostly half naked - and my wordy lordy me - what a delight that has been today! We went for a walk/run exploration and then a dip in the sea - along with most of Split who were on a public holiday - and the men!!! Ah - this is what holidays are all about. I have pics but no software to make them less than 2 or 3 meg yet - (downloading software to the notebook as I type) - but yes I DO have some examples to show to prove it's not just hype.

Watch this space.

Friday, 22 June 2007

A Spinoff Travel Blog

Trevor & Sylvain on Tour - it's our travel blog which will take you on tour in selected parts of the European Summer!! But don't worry - I'll be posting here as well - just blogs with slightly different perspectives.

I love the first leg of an international trip - it clears my mind - and forces me to relax. The dark cabin with all these softly flickering screens and the humn of the wind outside (or the engines if you're a bit too close). Firts leg we upgraded to Business - the rest of the trip we'll be heading to the back of the plane... Ahhhh, it was nice while it lasted. Saw the movie Blood Diamond on the way. Wow sensational - definitely worth a look.

Click the title to see the spinoff blog ( , see you there!

Thursday, 21 June 2007

Superchilled On Tour

Wednesday was my last day of work before a heading off to Europe with The Frenchman Thursday afternoon. Why is it that your last day is just SO BUSY!? It really makes you want to leave, and fast! But the excitement of the holiday early in the day became a frustrating anticlimax at the end of the day - I guess leaving work at 10pm isn't exactly something to make one enthused. I'm sure I'll feel better when the I'm being thrust back into my seat at a rate of knots as we head skyward and anything I haven't done can just bugger the hell off for a few weeks. And while it's getting excitingly chilly here - I'll be much happier to hit the water in the Adriatic and be superchilled and warm, all at the same time.
I'm not sure what kind of internet access I'll have while away - so watch this space for updates.

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Wild Wednesday

Wild Wednesday's have been so successful my friends are making them wild weeks!! While it is cyclonic outside (seriously) - people are getting cyclonic within their own personal lives, doing things that once scared them and revelling in it. Now I'm getting scared!! It's not too late to get in on it though. Wild Wednesdays are for everyone. All it needs is for you to do something different, outside your comfort zone, and you're there. It can be as simple as walking a different way to work, saying hello to that cute guy you've seen at gym all the time but have been to scared to talk to, or as complex as you like, but go for it - life is too short to wonder 'what if...?'

Have you done something wild on Wednesday? Tell us now.

Want more inspiration? - click on the 'wild wednesdays' link below.

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

How Gay is YOUR Sport? # 5

Pole Vaulting
"I go Pole Vaulting every day, it's kinda liberating to be thrust onto a pole and into the air... "
It's not exactly everyday conversation - at least not relating to sport, and most of us only ever see it every 4 years when the Olympics come around - and then only if your own country has an athlete competing in it, or you watch the entire broadcast for 3 weeks...

So why is it covered here in superchilled sport? Because of Viktor Chistiakov of course - pictured. He represented Australia in the 2000 Olympics with his then similarly gorgeous wife, and came in 5th place, but moved back to Russia earlier this year.

Participant Rating
It's not exactly a team sport - so you're not going to meet a lot of people, although some may well be cute... you do get a lot of pole work, which might entice some.
2.5 stars

Spectator Rating
I never tire of it - it's just so mesmerising, you just wonder if the pole will break - every time. Athletes of Viktor's calibre and attire give it a maximum rating.
5 stars

Sunday, 17 June 2007

The Race - Location 15

Do you know where this is?

In the last leg of Superchilled Race Around the World Peter von Amsterdam came first, correctly identifying Katz's Diner in New York City from my photo, and also the pastrami on rye (right) which was the meal we ate when there (it was huge - The Frenchman and I had to share) certainly a culinary must. Brenton from Aussielicious guessed Myers Food court (a shopping centre food hall in Sydney) so he's on a 'get out more' plan.

Your task is to identify the location of the photograph above correctly and most rapidly. Do you know where it is? Add your comment and let me know - first to correctly identify it wins, and the most creative guess also gets accolades.

The Race starts NOW.

update: 20thJune
New Clue: To get there - you need to head to the UK...

BSB @ Elsewhere

Me, Brenton & Christiaan @ almost BSB*.
A Saturday escape to the big smoke saw The Frenchman (missing from the photos because of his penchant for mystery) and I catching up with family and friends including the regular BSB crew transplanted to a whole new cafe (some other bloggers were frightened of getting wet). I don't think we really care where we meet up anyway - it's just too much fun regardless of where it is. I just pity the people around who have to deal with our animated conversation, and relentless paparazzi. But it will be the last BSB event for a few weeks now as The Frenchman and I are off to the warmer northern hemisphere later this week.
It has been a week of unexpected pleasures and moving and shaking. Just how I like it. Life should not be about the status quo and moving on the path of least resistance.

Look into my eyes, not around my eyes... it's the 2 million visit man. Brenton looks like he's got his eyes set on the stars... what next can we expect from the ever-popular Aussielicious, the blog of the public nudity challenge?

I'm not really a musicals fan - but Theatre this evening with Christopher & Keith our regular theatre buddies was a delight. Laughed a whole lot I did to the one liners from "The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee" playing now at the Sydney Theatre. We continued to stress Keith to the max with dessert (4 Belgian Chocolate Tarts) ordered with just enough time to get to the theatre - worth every second!

The Frenchman and I do have a habit of driving the time-conscious people in our lives to the brink of despair. Many apologies - we do love you - even if we do it later than others.

* for the uninitiated - BSB is the Bourke Street Bakery - the centre of many a discussion on a weekend afternoon, with consumption of many a fine coffee / hot chocolate and various tarts.

Saturday, 16 June 2007

House call anyone?

I don’t have a lot of terrible work days – but Friday takes the cake. Actually seeing patients is great – but here are some of the logistical nightmares from today…
To give a background I see patients in an outpatients clinic at the hospital in the morning and then go see people who are too ill to come in (these patients are terminally ill) in the afternoon. I’ll call patients in advance to give them a time frame and to confirm the appointment. Oh and my secretary is on the edge right now - she's being demanded all kinds of things by hospital hierarchy and is not coping.

So, after the hospital reviews I start to call the patients I am to see in the afternoon…

Call to Patient 1. Husband answers phone (at least I think he's the husband) he doesn't have any idea why I'm calling – I explain who I am and that it's about seeing his wife at home, I state her name - he doesn’t seem to understand, says something about not understanding English in an accented voice and hangs up on me! I still have the bare minimum of information from the referring Doctor so I file it in the 'needs interpreter' basket - ? language - I think Macedonian.

Patient 2. No answer at home – so I call the daughter's number I have in my file, "My father died on Anzac Day, April 25th..." I exit the conversation very apologetically - I guess I won't be seeing him today.

Patient 3. Son answers: “Oh we had the doctor come out from palliative care yesterday”; I reply "Was that Dr A ? (my colleague)" , he responds “Yes, that was him”.... I confirm everything is okay- he doesn't need review today - then find my other colleague (Dr B) holding a duplicate of his file “Yes I saw him yesterday” Bloody hell... next…

Patient 4. Answers – she doesn’t answer the questions I am asking, but tells me the ones she wants to answer: “I'm seeing a doctor next week” – I reply "Oh, who is that you are seeing / what is their specialty?" to which she replies: "I don't know - can you call my daughter?" Me: "sure okay" – it seems I’m not getting anywhere here anyway, so I call the daughter who, seeming slightly irritated, says - "I'm on speaker phone can you call back later..." I feel like an insurance salesman (but I did say who I was) and end the call. Normally people want me YESTERDAY and not a moment later. I feel unwanted…

Then I get a call from a community nurse – Mr X Died this morning – he doesn’t have a family doctor (he hadn’t for some time – he didn’t like any doctors after his diagnosis – but he liked me) It seems I’m the only one who can write his death certificate, I need to see him. She gives me the address where he is – he has moved to his brother’s house since I last saw him - and when I leave the hospital I head there – getting a jumbled message on my phone just before I arrive 15minutes later – he’s in fact NOT at that address but 20minutes in the opposite direction, but the message is not exact and I’m not sure exactly where he is and no-one answers my calls. On my way to the predicted destination – his sister-in-law calls not realizing it is actually my phone and thankfully clarifies the details – my first lucky break – if you can call it that. And I get to see the remains of my once feisty patient and a chaotic family home with people crowding every room.

The rest of the day is better – but I’m exhausted – I see my remaining patients and exhaust myself further at the gym, then revive in the pool before dinner…

Bring on the weekend!

Thursday, 14 June 2007

The art of coolness?

'Are you cool enough?' It's the tag line for my blog and the title of one of my first posts, but am I cool enough? What makes someone cool and someone else not?

The coolest people I know don't know they're cool. They make me want to be with them, they challenge me, they make me laugh. They don't always wear the lastest fashion or drive the poshest car, although some of them will, but they're cool because they like what they're doing and they do it well. They can laugh at themselves, but they make time to look out for others. And while they don't expect anything from anyone - they are the most generous people. Their confidence increases their appeal, as they say it's not what you wear, it's how you wear it.

So what does it take to be cool? I think it's a matter of perspective. Looking for the things that make you happy - not just the things that make you feel good, but the richly rewarding things that make you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. You will know what they are for you - for me they're usually involving interacting with people on a personal level, helping make their world better and happier, and for me I'm lucky as I get to do this with both my personal and professional lives. Then there's swimming and being creative - ie photography and design - which are my Zen spaces... they just make me feel healthy and well. Everyone is different, but that just makes us so much cooler. Trying to be the same as anyone else is pointless, being individual and excelling in what you love is part of being cool, not worrying about what anyone else thinks.

Being cool is not about how you look, it's about how you feel.
Are you cool enough?...
The question might really be, are you happy?

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Wild Wednesday

Are you scared yet? If not, then you haven't seriously contemplated Wild Wednesday. And today we have a specialised theme. Find someone who has made a particular influence in your life in the past weeks or months, and let them know what it is they have done to make that difference. It could be someone you know well, it could be someone who has no idea you exist - the director of a movie, author of a book... Find them or a way to contact them and let them know your thoughts. It's really not too scary - and may well be quite fun. If you've already planned an alternate Wild Wednesday - go for it, the sky's the limit - just be sure to let us know what you did!

(click the 'wild wednesdays' label below for more suggestions...)

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Today's Illness: Tuesdayitis

Definition: Mondayitis occurring after a long weekend.
Symptoms: Similar to Mondayitis, only potentially much more severe. Irritability about being at work - wanting to be anywhere else. Not tolerating things that normally go underneath the radar. A sense of impending doom, and need to escape rapidly, at pace. Regular work becomes tedious, fraught with difficulty and uninspiring. Symptoms are inversely proportional to the enjoyment of the weekend preceding it.
Diagnosis: A clinical diagnosis. No specific diagnostic tests required, but elevated pulse &blood pressure, giving out 'looks that kill' and aggressive outbursts all support the diagnosis which is made only on Tuesday after a long weekend. (or forensically based on evidence from a Tuesday).
Treatment: Views vary widely, but a holistic approach is recommended. Remove affected people from their workplace, distraction with images (or real versions) of attractive examples of their preferred gender (as demonstrated right) can be effective. Reminders that the week is a shorter one may also assist.

The Perfect Long Weekend

Rain, gail force winds, thundering seas and chilly temperatures... not what one might expect to make for a perfect long weekend, but it was the perfect weekend. Friends, some old, some new, and some who are metamorphosising made for one the best weekends in a long time - and we hardly left Coalcliff. There was enough natural wonder happening right outside to keep us entertained, with a selection of DVD's, some random ipod music (some less random), decadent brunches daily, liberal doses of photography and plans for new creative outlets... (watch this space); along with some deep and meaningful conversations, some decidedly less so, some snuggling in the warmth, and toying with the ocean chill. Can I do it all again? and again... I've thrown in a selection of the photos above (click to enlarge) and you may find more on aussielicious and the patient man, who feature. I'm not sure I'm going to want to work this week, but I know I'll have great memories and strengthened friendships to keep me going.

Saturday, 9 June 2007

Mood Music... Rain

Madonna: Rain - one of my favourites, and topical...

Looks like an Indoor long weekend

This is the scene at Coalcliff pool today. Not exactly inviting... We've had storms pounding through overnight; the surf's up, there's debris and water everywhere and we're deliciously ensconced inside looking out at it all. I'm pretty sure neither running nor swimming will be happening today, but it will be an entertaining weekend as it has been so far... guests guests guests... winter food, dvd's, chatting, music, and more. So far I'm loving it. Let's see what we have in store. Keep tuned for details...

Friday, 8 June 2007

Me running??

I don't run, it's not my thing. I'd swim a 42km course rather than do a marathon run... At least that's what I used to say. But things are changing. With the pools closing in winter and the ocean cooling down as well, I've elected to reduce my CO2 footprint and not drive the 20km to the pool that I used to do at lunch or after work on Monday and Wednesday (I still swim the other days when a pool is more accessible). Instead I have taken up running, a different kind of footprint. The aches and pains are lessening, and I'm starting to enjoy it. While it doesn't give me the euphoria of swimming, yet, it certainly seems to help make me leaner, which I'm not complaining about.

I'll see if I can keep it going through winter. Maybe I'll finally be confident enough to do those biathlons come summer... I think it's time to invest in some serious running shoes.
Oh and Norten is keeping up now too.

Thursday, 7 June 2007

The Race - Location 14

It's been a while since the last stop in the race, but it's time to grab your e-tickets and embark on the 14th leg of superchilled race around the world. We haven't eaten in a while - so here we are in a location you need to identify to win the main prize. First in correctly gets the pick of the menu, tell me what I ate here and you get the bonus points.

The race begins NOW.


A policeman with a personal health issue, a catastrophic violent event and the people living through it... NOISE is a well written and captured movie that keeps you immersed in all kinds of ways. Not a by the numbers plot, and certainly not expected results, certainly one of the best Australian films I've seen for a while.

Worth the trip to the cinema: 4 stars.

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

wild wednesday

It's the 'do something that scares you' day again today. Famous people all around the world are wishing they were in on it. Brad Pitt would be trying to look ugly, John Howard would be doing something socially progressive, Osama Bin Laden might promote world peace, Al Gore would be buying a Hummer, Paris Hilton- well it seems she is in on it. And so too can you! Do something outside your ordinary, speak to someone who scares you, buy and read that DNA magazine on the bus, phone or email your local political representative to thank or scold them for things they have or have not done, stand facing the wrong way in a full elevator... the options are endless... It should make your heart race a little, and challenge you in some way, but ultimately it may well be rewarding, and that's what the challenge is for.

This week, spread the word, get your friends in on it, get your family too, email them the challenge, it's time to scare the world just a little, to look at things a little differently, find out something new. Then come back and tell us what you did.

Tuesday, 5 June 2007


Told you I was like a kid with this new toy. Here we are (Norten on the left , Me on the right) when Norten was behaving, down at the rockpool this afternoon. (as always, click to enlarge)

new underwater cam

I'm like a kid in a toystore with my new waterproof camera (yep - a birthday gift). I've only had like 15 minutes to play with it today at lunch - but I managed a couple of photos - a very cute local lad managed to distract me anyway - as they do... so anyway, have a look at the first pics -click them to see the better quality versions (it's the Olympus 770 for those with an interest in things photographic), waterproof, shock proof... let's see what I can do with it!!


...seem to be popular - so I will keep the postcard options open indefinitely - feel free to send one my way if and when you feel for it... email link here and top right of blog.

Monday, 4 June 2007

Secret postcards... 3

All images can be seen in larger form by clicking on them.

Secrets.... 2

The original post is below... here is the first anonymous card.


What are your secrets? Hidden deep inside? Things you don't talk about - to keep you safe from ridicule, from harm, from embarrassment; or because it just doesn't seem proper. Things you don't say to protect someone. Memories you just keep for yourself. Things you don't think anyone else will be interested in. Things that scare you, things that you think might happen, that don't. Things that have happened to you. Things you have done...

You may have heard of postsecret - the blog that publishes home-made postcards with peoples' secrets sent in anonymously. It's worth a look. It's quite cool.

We all have secrets, but sometimes being able to share them relieves a certain pressure inside. It liberates us. It can even bring us closer to people around us. Sometimes shared secrets are much more fun than ones kept to ourselves.

There are secrets we share at BSB, and ones we keep. The Patient Man, Aussielicious, The Frenchman and myself are here on the left from a Sunday rendezvous, but who is who, and what are our secrets?

What's YOUR secret? - comment aloud or anonymously, or email me a postcard you've made and I might just post it here...

Sunday, 3 June 2007

A little Perspective

Sometimes you'll wonder about where you might go for brunch, or what is missing in your wardrobe this season. Maybe you'll stress about where to go out Saturday night, and if anyone cute will be there... And sometimes you will realise how seriously lucky you are to have such choices available to you in the first place.

Two of my friends, Terry (right) and Sam (left) have just started up blogs from Sri Lanka and Sudan where they are residing for 12 and 6 months respectively. They don't know eachother and their blogs will be entirely different, with Terry's very focussed on Human Rights and Sam's on his experiences with the UN in Sudan. Both countries have serious human rights abuses taking place as we speak. They are both very good writers (and cute to boot) and their blogs are well worth a visit for a greater insight into what's happening both there and farther internationally (they're also linked from my 'blogs to watch' list). The world is not always a beautiful place, but we can help to make it so by changing the people in it and making our voices heard. Getting the inside story is a good start. Sharing it with others, better still. Moving and shaking the world about it, ideal.

Saturday, 2 June 2007

my time starts now...

My earliest memory is… trying to wash my hands at a basin that was way too high, I had to go by feel.
At School I… was asked by my principle if I could do less well.
My first relationship was… with a fellow uni student – but neither of us knew it at the time.
I don’t like talking about… superficial things for very long.
I wish I’d never worn… see-through white pants.
My father always told me… he was proud of me.
I wish I had… more time in the day.
I wish I hadn’t… stayed in the closet so long.

My most humiliating moment was… as a child overhearing my aunts talking about how overweight I was.
My happiest moment was… falling in love with The Frenchman.
My last meal would be… Brunch at diggies with my friends & close family.
My favourite gadget is… my mobile phone – it keeps my life simmering.
I’m very bad at… being told I can’t do something.
When I was a child I wanted to… be treated like a grown-up.
The movie that changed my life was… Bladerunner.
If only I could… compose music.
The hardest thing I’ve ever done was… bury my grandmother.
The last big belly laugh I had was… with Craig.
What I don’t find amusing is… John Howard.
At the moment I’m watching… everything around me with photographer’s eyes.
My favourite work of art is… the male form.
I often wonder… how I can make the world a better place.

If I wasn’t me I’d like to be… a talented, successful and gorgeous film director.

Weekend Music Video

Bob Sinclair - Love Generation
First heard it a year ago - still love this song and the video clip
(3min 34sec)

Friday, 1 June 2007

Ebbs and Flows and Friends

Standing in the warmth of the sun, watching the waves roll in at the beach today, I was reflecting on the waves of interaction I have with the people in my life. It's like being out there in the surf, there are those who swim with me who are always around catching the same waves and keeping in line of sight; others occasionally catch a different wave or move in a different rip and we continue to swim and surf and play in the water, just in different parts of the water. Then there are those who are mostly at other beaches, but occasionally we'll both find ourselves in common water. Sometimes you can control where you go and who you're with - sometimes the tide and waves and the lifesavers around will control where you end up, so there are people you want to spend more time with, and who are swimming your way too, but the circumstances pull you apart.

I quite like the fluidity of it all, the ebbs and flows. Sometimes though it's frustrating, like when you're really trying to catch up with someone and the tides are all wrong. Other times they swim far away trying to avoid contact because things are not going well, and they just want to escape, but the beach they swim to is often desolate, and I can't see them to give them a helping hand. I'll think that they don't want to see me, but the reality may be quite different.

Making an effort to patrol the surf for my friends has been rewarding. It can take considerable effort at times, because I too can find myself in a dodgy swell, and lose sight of people regardless of how I may try not to. Out of the blue, just like the occasional dolphin in the surf, there are swimmers out there who unexpectedly come crashing into my wave and hang about to become new friends.

It's a dynamic and chaotic world, but the soothing of the ceaseless rolling of these waves and the constancy that is there within the randomness of it all that makes life such a special thing.