Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Interview Panel Tuesday August 5th

Superchilled asked a selection of people, who also blog, questions about life the universe and everything. 
Here are some of their responses:

If you could take the place of any world figure (ie you take on their role) who would it be?

Martin: Bono – he has taken a successful music career, stepped out of the box and now has direct access to many high level players at a political level. To be him you could experience being a famous entertainer and influential philanthropist simultaneously.

Just Beautiful Men
Eric : Outside of politics, if there was a world renown figure I'd like to replace, it would probably be Peter Jackson. Just the thought of having free-artistic/creative reign for a major motion picture production possibly viewed by millions around the world would be my ideal dream job... (emphasis of course on the 'dream' part)... Also I wouldn't mind replacing Richard Branson... that guy might quite possibly have the most exciting life out of anybody else I can think of (being a billionaire is always a plus too)...

Geoff: Any great movie director with the aim of making the definitive film that shatters the consciousness of anyone who watches it (from that moment onwards they cannot help but see the interdependence of life on this planet).

Terry: Secretary General of the United Nations (Geoff says I need to add a rationale- It would be great to be in a position where I could really support and push humanitarian principles especially in the realm of individual human rights).

LP: Rocco Ritchie because he's blonde, rich and free of any responsibility.

Bruce: I would hate to try and fill anyone else's shoes to be honest. Mine fit quite nicely. But, if I was to play a role similar to anyone I admire it would have to be the actress Shirley Maclaine. (Go easy I could've said Liza, Bette or Barbra!) I admire Shirley because she has written material that deals with spirituality and self discovery and then found a way to perform it on stage in a sensational way. She is gutsy and eager to learn more about life and her writing books such as "Out on a Limb" and "Going Within" have made a big impact on my life.

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