Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Wild Outdated Wednesday

My ipod is playing away - but despite having the music I've specifically selected, I get through about 2 minutes of each track before I hit the 'skip' button and move to the next one. I liked the track, but I'm ready for the next. And the next. And why isn't there something new already? Sure I downloaded new tracks today, but they're not new enough.

I walk past the newspaper stand in the morning and don't buy the paper because I know it's already out of date despite having just landed off the truck. I go online and know the update on the update. 

We used to have years when certain things were 'in' or 'current' , then it was seasons, now it's minutes or seconds. Sometimes in fact, they're over as soon as they've been mentioned. If you don't know what the new black is, then you're already too late. 

With facebook updates, text messages and now GPS enabled phones you can know not just what people are doing RIGHT NOW but where they're going - you can even see where they are before they get there if you track their iphone on your iphone, cross link with google street view and local web cams...

So what's today's wild wednesday challenge?
Forget the updates. Buy the paper, read it on a park bench with your phone, GPS, ipod, blackberry, notebook all switched off. Wear something out of date. Don't cut your hair. Don't wear hair products. 
Have an update-free day.
Breathe a little.

1 comment:

SYNRGY said...

Normally I feel a step behind everyone else... Just out of Sync... So I agree, completely... Except for the don't cut your hair or wear product... I am the big gay hairdresser after all... LOL

Love from Atlanta