Saturday, 30 August 2008

Interview Panel: Saturday August 30th

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Superchilled asks a selection of people, who also blog, questions about life the universe and everything. 
Today's question:

What is your best ever holiday memory?

Martin: There are so many - what normally makes for a good memory is anything involving my sister who lives abroad and I hardly ever see. One must be flying low over the Okavango Delta and seeing the spectacular patterns in the swamps. The other is speeding down the Okavango river in a low boat as the sun sets. Another is running giggling like little children through the mist surrounding Victoria Falls, and more recently pretending to do gymnastics with my sister in a Gay bar in London and skipping all the way to the pantomime to her step-children’s disgust and embarrassment. Anything that involves laughing so hard my stomach hurts and getting strange stares from the locals…

Just Beautiful Men
Eric : Visiting Geneva as a child was probably the most lasting experience I still remember to this day. It was just so different and exciting compared to what I was used to at the time (I think I must have been around 7 or 8 at the time). Traveling when you're young sometimes leads to a type of simplistic euphoria that just can't be matched as easily as an adult :-)

Geoff:  Independently: Kenya to Australia via Ethiopia, Eritrea, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Germany whilst trying to figure out what I was going to do with the rest of my life. Memories of travelling on the roof of a truck through frontier country of southern Ethiopia. Surreal scenery and environs with a sense of being somewhere on the edge of nowhere. Trekking in the mountains of Ethiopia. Brain melting heat and boredom on the coast of the Red Sea waiting for a ferry. Hanging out in cafes in Berlin and running through autumn leaves in Potsdam with my walkman blasting “You Are My World” by Jimmy Sommerville.

With Terry: All of them (ahhhh).

Terry: There are a lot of great memories, but two stick out at this time:

-When I was living in Japan I had a 10 day break in the spring and went to Sabah (via Brunei) on the island of Borneo. I spent one week, snorkelling, swimming, climbing Mount Kinabalu, and trekking through the forests in Sepilok (orang-utan sanctuary). On my way back to Japan I met my just-about-to-be married Canadian friend in Hong Kong and treated him to a three day stag party.

-Sitting in the open doorway of the train that goes from Colombo to the hill country in central Sri Lanka. It was amazing to go from the heat and humidity of the coast to the lush, cool tea plantations at 2000m...both on a three week holiday with Geoff in 1998 and while I was living there in 2007.

LP: I have no memories, there is no past, I don't have a future.

Bruce: One of my best holiday memories is sitting around a big campfire in the Okavango swamps with my amazing family telling stories and then listening to the lion in the area talk to one another and make the earth vibrate under our tents.

Lynnette: Toss up between:

Day spent in a village near Manali in India, teaching kids how to take photographs with my extra camera, and just chilling with them and eating yummy food and drinking killer chai

Private salsa and son lessons at the home of the guy standing in front of us waiting for pizzas at an outdoor street stall in Havana, Cuba (despite top notch teachers I still am inept :( )

The adrenalin rush of being on top of an active volcano in Guatemala, seeing the lava turning beneath my feet, and having a storm charge in with lightening hitting all around us just as we reached the summet...

...there are too many amazing memories to choose....

What's your best holiday memory??

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peter said...

Spending a whole week in Dresden in early May, while having a tropical heatwave. Visiting all the historical sites, the Meissen factories just outside of town, or just doing nothing in a park, while at home, just 625 km west, monsoon rains came down.
One of my last vacations before getting sick.

The last one was with my sisters to Barcelona