Monday, 18 August 2008

A Gold Rush or a DQ?

Being quite an Olympics fan myself, the past week has been quite distressing for me. It's not because Australia hasn't won enough Gold medals (we haven't but we're doing okay), not that there hasn't been enough good sportsmanship (apart from a notable bronze medal throwing event I don't recall too much evil happening) and not because there hasn't been enough eye candy (did anyone notice Andrew Lauterstein in the Australia medley relay team on Sunday?). It's because there is no TV reception for the official Olympic broadcaster, Channel 7,  where I live. Not even with satellite TV. 

And before you suggest it - the internet coverage here is nowhere near satisfying enough. Live streaming? Not on your life. Perhaps 3 minute bytes some hours after the events. 

Now it's not ALL bad - there is coverage by SBS - the 'complementary broadcaster' but if you want swimming, diving, gymnastics or any of the major athletics (and I SO do) then forget it.

I've managed to see the swimming finals at least which aired around lunchtime in all manner of places - from the waiting room at work - to a selection of pubs along the coast here as well as various events at home with some very accommodating family and friends. It's 'One World Many Television Screens' for me. 

But I know I'm a little more obsessive than most. So I have a poll running - up there on the top right - what do the olympics do for you?

Go on - tick a box.

And if you tick the third box specifically - you may want to scroll down to check out the olympic challenge entries. (More entries are heavily welcomed).

After the 1500m swim final today we went for our own planned swim and The Frenchman surprised me by not stopping when he usually does... He was doing his own 1500m. Very cute. 


Monty said...

Once all entries have been registered, do we all get to vote on who's the hottest??? :-)

Superchilled said...

Monty: Yes once all the entries are in (and you have until the closing ceremony and maybe a little more) then everyone gets to vote for their hottest pic.

So keep on sending 'em in guys!

bob m said...

Sorry that you are not seeing much of the Olympics. Here in the USA our NBC TV network coverage seems to be on all of the time, on multiple different channels, cable, internet. Unfortunatly, the "prime" coverage, once we got past the swimming, has been a bit much. I am tired of women's volleyball, women's gymnastics, women's track. I do love watching the men's beach volleyball, now if they did not have the silly dress code. (Women-one piece or two piece bathing suit vs. men-board shorts and shirts)
You might want to check out They have a whole section about the Olympics.

Superchilled said...

bob m: thanks for the outsports link. Looking good.
There's just a few days left - and I've been able to see at least bits of the things I'm interested in - so I'm not complaining. I agree with you on the beach volleyball - the men should have a swimwear-only rule too!