Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Olympic Challenge: #4 + #5

Martin from TGL@TEOTD sent these two photos in. The first one here is, and I quote, "the hot hot hot boys from the USA artistic gymnastics team". I think he might be right. We'll call them all #4

#5  below is South African Swimmer Gerhard Zandberg

Martin is impressed by his arms. (perhaps also by the fact he too is South African?) 
There's all that and more it seems. He's a whopping 204cm tall! And I expect more photos will follow. 

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Anonymous said...

Zandberg is cute, but the real hottie in the SA swim team is Lyndon Ferns, watch the 100 fly.
this is an interview he did in feb 2008

Superchilled said...

anon: I think I'm in love. Quite intoxicating isn't he? I might just post that interview. Thanks.