Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Interview Panel: Tuesday August 19th

Superchilled asks a selection of people, who also blog, questions about life the universe and everything. 
Today's scenario:

You're sitting down to dinner at the love of your life's parents' home for the first time. You're served a meal that has taken your hosts days to prepare but it's something you almost gag at the sight of. What do you do?

Martin: Being the person I am I would grin and bear it – my partner’s mom will assume I love it, and proceed to make it for me every time I visit.

Just Beautiful Men
Eric :I think this would be an excellent case where breaking out the old 'I ate before I got here and I'm still sorta full' routine would come in handy. Either that or feign stomach issues... whatever could get me through dinner eating only a small portion of the meal (without actually appearing insulting) would be the ideal way to deal with this situation.

Geoff: This actually happened...! I was visiting my boyfriend at the times family in Brussels and was served “moule and frites”. I said nothing and accompanied each mussel with a french fry heavily dosed in hot mustard.

Terry: I would eat the food, and thank the hosts for spending so much time putting together such a nice meal (there’s not much I can’t eat).

LP: If they were decent hosts they would have asked what I do and do not eat beforehand

Bruce: I would try my best to eat it. I would taste it and try and think of something else as I chewed. If that didn't work I would pretend to feel very sick and once I knew them better confess that I cannot eat that dish. Truth be told I eat most things anyway.

Lynnette: I've become quite adept at swallowing sans chewing so that you don't taste the food-- and I'm pretty sure that's the tactic I'd employ. Small bite, large gulp of water, wait a second, repeat. I'm not into lying but I'd deffinitely express appreciation for the effort.

What would you do?


peter said...

I agree with London Preppy, and if not... I would eat some of it, stating that I'm on a diet, which isn't a lie.

I hope my lover would have told them in advance.

Discotheque GQ said...

I pretty much eat anything...but if it was that disgusting, I would eat some and then excuse myself to the bathroom. It might be a little rude to wait until dinner is served to say you've already eaten.