Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Superchilled Olympic Challenge: Voting

It's time to vote for your favourite photo from the Superchilled Olympic Challenge.
Find the one you like most below and tick the appropriate box in the top right poll. 
You can go to the original post by clicking the link beneath each photo.


Todd said...

Check out these shots... http://www.boston.com/bigpicture/2008/08/beijing_2008_its_a_wrap.html including another great waterpolo shot.

Superchilled said...

todd: thanks - they run some great photos at the boston globe don't they. These ones you linked don't disappoint either.

bob m said...

this just proves that the olympics should go back to the traditional, original attire, or rather the lack of attire. Inresesting that the US gymnastics team is doing better with out their shirts than they are doing with their shirts, medals and flowers. (Picture 4 vs. picture 8)