Monday, 4 August 2008

Food for the Soul

Saturday brunch I cooked scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, slowly roasted tomatoes, and mushrooms on sour dough brought in from Bourke Street Bakery by our weekend guests.

I guess it's my signature brunch menu. But I like it.

With our friends we took our dogs walking to the beach and rock platform near home and most of us got drenched by some rogue waves that were higher than anticipated. We laughed a whole lot even as we walked in squelching shoes back home. Those classic moments that are embedded forever in one's memory. I love the waves, I love the power of them, and on this sunny day they were particularly spectacular as they surged over the rocks, and us. 

Dinner on Saturday was based around a vegetarian risotto that developed from various element brought in and some we already had. Today's brunch was cooked by our guests who combined various fresh fruits, crepes and bacon with maple syrup. Now I know it's a popular combination in North America (? anywhere else?), but here and to me it's a confusing mix. I tried it for the first crepe, and it wasn't bad - but I stuck with more traditional combinations for my subsequent crepes. 

What I liked most about the meals this weekend was that everyone brought something, made something and became a part of the whole food preparation experience. A sharing thing. A communal thing. Spending time sharing experiences, discussing all and sundry and just being. Doing it at home is much more rewarding as there's never pressure to leave like when you see the closed sign hung up on the door. And it was all pretty spontaneous, which made it all the more fun.

The Frenchman's Chocolate cake didn't hurt either.

Did you cook anything for your weekend?


bob m said...

Too many good things to eat and not enough time in a weekend! It is wonderful to spend time with good friends enjoying each others company with great food.
As to the "North American thing" with the crepes, fruit and bacon - while there is nothing like the taste of REAL maple syrup, perhaps a little drizzle of a mild flavored honey would be a good addition to your crepes instead of the maple syrup. My preference is for the more substantial "pancakes", thicker that crepes (they are real good, too) with fresh tree ripened peaches, a bit of butter and some honey, a real summer treat. Oh, I forgot, it's not summer down there...

Superchilled said...

bob m: We did have real canadian maple syrup, but with bacon?? I dunno - with the rest of the fruit & all - very nice.
Yes it is still winter here - though the weekend was sunny & warm, up to 21C (70F), so a summery breakfast could still be had. I like the idea of tree ripened peaches. Does anyone till produce peach jam?! My personal favourite.

Martin said...

I LOVE bacon with Maple Syrup - yummy.

I made the most spectacular hamburgers for a friend on Saturday, but the next big cooking experience is coming up in two weeks time...