Sunday, 19 August 2007

Aussie Export

Checking out the Aussiebum website, as one does from time to time, I discovered the photos of the ad campaign over in NYC. And it just seems a bit odd. I guess I'm not used to seeing Australian branded goods internationally, and on the roofs of the iconic NYC Taxi it seems really quite a step. I like it. It makes me think that if you want to make something happen, you can. And sometimes you've just got to get out and do it. Sure it's not saving the world, but creating a new brand in a brand saturated world is quite a feat. The whole branding is quite bold, the men no less than gorgeous, and there's a decided sense of fun in it all, (if you haven't seen the recent aussiebum video, you really haven't lived). If we can have Levis and Calvin Kleins all over the world, there's room on a few taxi's for Aussiebums too.

But what brand am I going to create and push to world no. 1?
Or should more humanitarian goals be my focus?
Or perhaps a blend of the two...?

Something to ponder on a lazy Sunday.


daniel said...

hi, Trevor,

my vote is for 'both': the Aussie Muhammad Yunus.


wally said...

At sixty I hardly have the sexiest but I am young at heart! but I do Love my aussiebums, nice and comfy.
Great to see another aussie brand out there in the world esspecially on the nyc cabs...thanks for an interesting blog Trevor.

Jessica said...

Trevor, you shall be the first to design thong underwear that does not chafe. So it is said. So it shall be.




P.S. I'll be willing to test your early attmpts.

Trevor said...

An Ausie Mahammad Yunus would be quite a feat for this Aussie doc, but worth emulating! I'll see how I go Daniel.

Glad you're enjoyign the blog wally. It's fun just being here - to have so many regular readers is really quite amazing and lots of fun. Thanks everyone for coming back!

And so I am to become a thong designer Jesica...? In Oz a thong is what I think you call flip flops... And we call your thong a G string (which you may also?) I'll have a look at some branding possibilities.. Kickarse Thongs - tested by Jessica? Invisibles - you won't know you're wearing them, ever....
Hmmm... I see some potentially naked men in the promotional material with that one... Perhaps Microcredit Microwear to merge ideas here... Hmm might need to workshop it.

Jessica said...

Well, usually, we say G-String only when the bit that goes between the cheeks is [barely bigger than] a string. Sometimes, we say thongs when meaning flip-flops. That's why I made sure to state "thong underwear."

Invisible? That'd be hot. We could have Brenton try wearing them at a nude beach and see if anyone notices he's actually wearing clothes...?