Saturday, 4 August 2007

Saturday Things I Love in Winter

  • Dozing in and out of consciousness in a warm bed snuggling with The Frenchman when it's FREEZING outside

  • Not having to work

  • Lazy catch ups with friends in uninhibited spaces

  • Swimming

  • Wandering up and down Oxford St Paddington shopping and watching the often cute crowds

  • Reading bits and pieces of the huge Saturday paper in no particular order

  • Random movies or galleries or unexpected meetings

  • Tomorrow is Sunday - and I can do the same again if I want to.


brenton said...

And here I was thinking you were trying to change the world and solve it's problems! ;)
snuggling with a loved one in bed all day sounds beautiful.

peter said...

Darn, we have to wait another few months before it starts freezing outside... all I have to do now is find a partner to snuggle up to!

I envy you

Trevor said...

I'm stoked - I managed to do everything on this list!! A sensational Saturday, simple, but just what the doctor ordered...