Monday, 27 August 2007


Okay I had some rocky days there - but I've worked through it - thanks everyone who lent a hand. Chink in the armour repaired, but no anticorrosion guarantee... Hell, life's no fun without feasts and famines now is it?

So we got together at the usual - Lindt Cafe was just too good for us last week, and hell, I don't think enough people could hear us there. So back to the great outdoors, and the ever increasing queue at BSB in Surrey Hills. Guest star this week was Sir Richard, whose name might disappear from here if he objects to the publicity, or maybe not.

I didn't save the world this weekend, but I had a lot of fun not doing it.

The BSB crowd outvoted me to see the French film 'Inside Paris', though Sir Dick managed to avoid commitment, and I was saddened to have missed the movies I had voted for - some great new Australian movies that I wanted to see and support... (has anyone seen The Home Song Stories, or Jammed ?) And at the end of the film most wished they had not voted against me. I wanted to fall asleep in the first half - almost made it - but the second half revved up and became quite insightful and even beautiful in its dealing with humanity. The Frenchman very much enjoyed it for this reason - (and because he's French and can't help himself) but agrees that it started off poorly. The brother is quite cute by the way...

I'm going to try to get to bed earlier for a while. Emphasis on TRY, but we shall see - and maybe you can too - or maybe I'll edit the time postings so you'll never know... (yes I can do that, the wonder of technology).

There's lots in my head - so you may get to hear a lot more from me this week - beware...


peter von amsterdam said...

Loved what you did to the cover of the suplement of the Sydney Morning News.

being there without being there...

brenton said...

Ah but Peter I WAS there! just not in that photo. I dont remember shots being taken come to think of it.
My people might have to have a legal chat to Superchilled's people for breach of something or other! ;)

Christiaan said...


You know we NEVER go anywhere without you. You are as constant as the sun rising each morning and your clothes falling off at inaapropriate times and places.

We were very well behaved though on that day... remember? We were even nice for a few minutes in the middle... It must have been the calming influence of Sir Richard.

He won't be invited back!

... or maybe he will.... :-))))

Christiaan said...

Oh.. and T... love your wit with B's pic in the paper.

You are too clever by half.


Trevor said...

Brenton - you're so used to being photographed you just autopose when a camera comes out. You probably don't even realise it. This is the only one from BSB where you weren't naked. Strange how it was also in the paper the same day - they are clever with technology these days.