Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Summer got lost on Tuesday

27 Degrees? It's mid-winter and a foreign summer day got lost and found itself on our shores. I'm not complaining! I had half the day off. I went to the beach and used it to it's summer glory. I even jumped in the ocean blue. It was a shirtless day for much of it too. There were surfers everywhere - although not with their summer tans.

photo courtesy aussiebum

Boundless energy would best describe me Tuesday - just no end to it really. I churned up the water at squad training like there was a shark at my feet. I was at gym and, having lost Lynnette my regular gym buddy to Tasmania early in the year, I was alone again and thinking, maybe I am ready to move to somewhere else for a while. We have been contemplating this for some time... I can handle a change - something different - a challenge that makes better use of all this energy. It would be nice to have some more regular people around to do things with during the weekdays and evenings when I'm not working. But I need water, I need warmth, I need interaction with good people... But where to find that?


georg said...

Ask Christiaan to move to Coalcliff, he wants to leave Sydney anyway, and in the mean time run a hot bath! Add some mustard powder to the water, it will open the pores...

Jessica said...

Don't come here [to America]; we're about to start our winter. Stockholm is supposed to be very nice; Copenhagen, too. But winter will be starting soon there, as well.

Jessica said...

Istanbul, maybe?

lynnette said...

hey you...i miss you at the gym too! so much so that i find it a challenge to even go because there is no one to keep me company (although that could change haha). i think a change could be good. l

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