Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Wild Wednesday

It's time to get out of your depth, do something that you always thought was too hard. You can either say yes to something you'd normally say no to, or seek something that you've always baulked at for fear of failure, and embrace it. It could be asking for raise at work, taking on a particular responsibility, maybe something physical. Whatever it is, make it a sink or swim moment, and you might just surprise yourself at your abilities! Then, come next wild wednesday, it won't be scary any more.

Wild Wednesdays, scare yourself a little, grow a lot more.


Christiaan said...

I got out of bed again this morning.. scary stuff!

So many dangers to navigate when I step out my bedroom door and face the outside world!

What was it that YOU you do to push your fear factor in Coalcliff boundaries, young Trevor?

;-) x

Sue said...

Have you ever played water polo Trevor?

Trevor said...

CHristiaan, just going to work for me can be scary - you never know what is going to walk through the door... But the more things I do that scare me - the harder it is for me to be scared... I'll keep looking for the deeper waters though.

Sue, yes I have played waterpolo - I figured I should try it - loads of sprinting - loved it - got exhausted - got hit in the noggin a few times with a very hard ball... but I didn't really get to know the team well, and it fell apart logistically. If there were guys who were fun and asked me to join - I'd try it again.