Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Vigeland Park

A park filled with beautiful naked people all year round?
Is it possible?

In Norway, anything is possible, and in the capital Oslo, lies Vigeland Park. I first came across it one bright snowy December night, when my Norwegian friends took me for a walk... I may have been a medical student there, but this night I was a kid in a lolly shop... snow balls hit everyone - and my god the men were just stunning - you could climb all over them without objection! A homoerotic dream. Of course it is a sculpture park, but the sculptures are larger than life and very tactile. The theme is the cycle of life, and I never tire of the gorgeous granite men, in various poses throughout the gardens. Of course there are more than just men, but I think you know where my attention is focused. I'm thinking it deserves a posting or two of its own - but here is an introduction. Perhaps I'll post more in 1234Men, our team blog soon to be launched...

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peter von amsterdam said...

Vigeland Park and the work of Gustav Vigeland is a must see when in Oslo.

Here are 212 sculptures in bronze and granite and several wrought iron gates. Vigeland modelled all his sculptures in full size without any assistance of pupils or other artists.

BTW I'm looking forward to 1234men!
I wish all the contributors lots of succes in their own field of expertise.