Wednesday, 15 August 2007

swim squad

Swim squad Tuesday Night
-it was high intensity-
This is what we did...
Warm up: 1km freestyle with fins: 50m easy 50m hard 100m easy 100m hard 200m easy 200m hard, and then back down again, that was 1km.
8x50m 1/2 butterfly, 1/2 freestyle with each 50m on 50seconds
Main Set: 8x50m freestyle with bands on (ie around your ankles so you can't kick) it's sink or swim , these were again every 50seconds followed immediately by 400m intense freestyle, and this 800m set was repeated for a total of 3 times.
Warm down: 8x75m freestyle variable pace and 200m cool off.
All up 4.6km - I was completely exhausted, but feeling fantastic... and then I went to gym.


Martin said...

I actually don't have words for this madness.

Sue said...

Egad! What a work out! When I was swimming seriously I used to do a mile or two tops with some sprints thrown in. Now, I am so pathetic. If I can do 600m I am lucky (I had some brain surgery - see the health label in my blog). I also used to run, but shin splints did me in. Now I speed walk to Salsa tunes on my iPod. But mainly, I watch my once rock hard body turn to mush. Sigh.

Trevor said...

I wouldn't mind a waterproof micro ipod to swim with - I could salsa in my warm up, house in my main set, and lounge in the warm down...