Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Passionate Wild Wednesday

We've had all manner of challenges on wild wednesday, and the focus has been more on doing things that scare you and challenge you. But today I'm throwing caution to the wind and promoting a wild wednesday of passion! That's right - be passionate about things today - in all kinds of ways - throw yourself into things you love, be that men, art, sport, food... or all of it at once, just go for it. The wilder and sexier the better, and read the post 'talking sex' if you have any concerns about letting us know how it went for you. Life's too short to not go wild from time to time, be safe of course, but go wild in every other way. If we can't hear you screaming in pleasure, you're not being passionate enough!!


Sue said...

Would you consider exchanging links with me? Please?

Sue said...

Thanks ever so much!!!