Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Wild Wednesday

Things aren't always as they seem... Today's Wild Wednesday objective is to do something that isn't expected of you. Something that's a little outside the 'you' that everyone including yourself knows. You could talk a lot when you don't normally talk at all, or perhaps the reverse. You could come out at work, or to a friend (see my guide to coming out). Do something crazy (or unexpectedly sane!), just don't be yourself. See if you can get people talking. If it all goes pear shaped - just blame me and Wild Wednesdays. (but be sure to tell us what happened)

Got a previous wild wednesday experience? Let us know how it went!


lynnette said...

so you're going to blog about your sexcapades, as well as your innermost thoughts are you T??I'm looking forward to it!!:-) L

Trevor said...

I think you're too young to hear about those kinds of things Lynnette. I wouldn't want you to have to have counselling afterwards. But for those who are old enough for sexcapades - Gay Banker - London (linked from the blog) makes for a very good read!

Christiaan said...

Diversion, diversion, diversion..... You should have been a politician, Teehee.

Well, for MY Wild Wednesday, I got out of bed this morning.

When you understand the crap that has been flying around in my life, it makes for a pretty daring thing to do... putting my face out into the world like that... it just ATTRACTS trouble!

Speeding Bullett said...

Just met up with an old friend after not seeing her for 7 years. I love old friends that don't hold a grudge and are just pleased to see you no matter what the time gap has been. Some people think you have to be in contact every 5 minutes to be classed as a 'friend'.

Trevor said...

Yes Mr Bullett, I agree entirely. Friends who just take up where you left off regardless of time or space are the best. There are some people who I rarely see, but when I do, it's like I've come home.