Sunday, 20 May 2007

BSB - The Lens is Turned

A perfect day in autumnal paradise. Work in the morning was refreshing, it's nice to be appreciated. But weekends are not for work. We headed to Paddington for a spot of shopping before meeting the regulars at BSB. En route there were scores of men in various stages of undress being photographed (frequently self portraits) one assumes for a certain aussielicious public nudity challenge... Our scoring was a little different to Brenton's... And having a camera handy is good for those perfect 10's out there, thanks for the memories... The Patient Man wasn't so patient and practiced the art of being obvious with my camera - Jake, Jason & Julian who had their whole own BSB experience just the thickness of glass away from us (and whose names are completely fictitious until proven otherwise) were the subject of his musings, one of whom can be seen below. Could the man in cargo shorts please report to base?

Aussielicious signed autographs as per usual - more naked men than just him this time meant he didn't seem so out of place. The decadent hot chocolate keeps one warm regardless of how little clothes one has on. A useful fact for Aussielicious as winter heads our way. But today was a day to farewell Sam. One of our original BSB'ers, Sam is heading to Sudan. 6 months sans Sam will feel like 16. (perhaps even more - but I'll keep you posted) and his farewell was not at BSB but at the clock tower hotel a hop, step and jump away. A delight as always, Sam has entered the blogging world - and when I have his address will publish a link. In the meantime here's the man of the moment - soon of the Sudanese moment.

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Brechi said...

well isn't sam a cutie...