Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Wild Wednesday

The wind from the west is wild - and causing havoc with our power supply here (trees on power lines etc...) But Wild Wednesday is not about weather. It's about doing things that scare you. And no I'm not talking jumping in front of moving traffic.

It's all too easy in life to do the same things or types of things each day - follow the routine and stay within our comfort zones. But what is life if it is the same every day? When are we challenged? What makes us think about things from a different perspective? I think travelling is a great way to challenge ourselves - provided it's to somewhere where we get to interact with the locals and to explore the lives of others. It can be scary - but is often immensely rewarding and insightful.
But we can't travel every day.
Or can we?

On Wild Wednesdays we can take a trip in our own world - go a different way to work, to school; eat at a different place for lunch or dinner, interact with someone we haven't really spoken with much and find a bit about their life. Come out to people about your sexuality - perhaps someone you hadn't really planned to but hey - what better way to get to know someone! Invite someone new out to dinner, or arrange an impromptu dinner party for 4. Perhaps sex in a new location, or in a different way. A phone call to an old school, uni friend or your relative who you used to be close to. Something that makes you a little scared - a quickening of your heart. Perhaps its time to ask that guy out who you've been pondering about for ever, maybe he's straight, maybe he's not.

Think outside your comfort zones, do something different - you might just bring something or someone new into your life.


Geoff & Terry said...

I've been volunteering at Equal Ground, a GLBTIQ Centre in Colombo. For my wild Wednesday I went around to the NGO community and promoted Pride Party taking place this a country where homosexuality is illegal, I thought that was pretty wild. Terry

Geoff & Terry said...

I even managed to find a date for the party while doing my rounds, a German working with the World Bank..don't tell Geoff!!!! Terry

Trevor said...

Um Terry, I think you just did, but alas I'm sure he'll be fine with that ;-) It certainly does sound like a wild thing to be doing, well done!
Anyone else have a Wild Wednesday story?

Geoff & Terry said...

I just divorced my husband ;)