Tuesday, 29 May 2007

How Gay is YOUR Sport? #4

Surf Boat Rowing It's kind of limited to surf life savers, in coastal regions but in my part of the world they're everywhere so here is the 4th in the gay sport series, Superchilled's 'How Gay is Surf Boat Rowing?'

Participant Rating:
Hours of training with tanned and potentially lean and hot surf life savers wearing speedos converted to G-strings (for traction is it?) on the world's best beaches. Increasingly gay friendly environment (aided by a mardi gras entry this year-see their blog). When the boats crash though - and they do - the injuries can be solid.
4 Stars

Spectator Rating:
Face it, if you're watching them, you're at the beach, there are likely to be loads of life savers about, speedos galore, and hormones abounding. They may be out in the surf a lot and not exactly close for inspection - but when they do come in - you can see a lot of them! especially if you like a good set of buns.

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brenton said...

exactly why I took it up!