Monday, 28 May 2007

Get me the hell out of here!!! NOW

Do you have those moments where you just need to get the hell out of here right now!!? I think I can empathise with people who have panic attacks, or agoraphobia. Today I had been working pretty much non stop for 5 or 6 hours, with the prospect of a whole nother 4-5 hours ahead of the same when I got to a small break... sure there was paper work in front of me, but, apart from a potentially suicidal patient to follow up (which I did) there was nothing that couldn't wait for 30 minutes or so. I could have soldiered away on the results and things, but I just HAD TO ESCAPE, I was a caged animal, the day outside was sunny and warm and I'd been inside for all of it.
I'd normally go to the pool across the road from work - but it's closed in winter - damn it - so I did the bolt - to the ocean pool in Coalcliff (thankfully work is close to home). I dived in and my blog title became me - absolutely superchilled - freeeeeeezing. I thought I'd seize up after just one lap, and I sure was hyperventilating in that oh my god I'm going to die if I keep swimming kind of way, but I'd come this far to escape and made sure I managed a few more.

It was the perfect (well almost) break and made me a hell of a lot more awake and focused for the afternoon.

When do you feel the need to escape at a rapid pace?
What do you do?


Peter said...

Actually right NOW!

I've been waiting for my superiors to make a decission on Friday/Saturday for the work I'm doing [event planning], it just came in and all has to be done by tonight! 40+ confirmation letters, planning of the halls, routing, printing... everything.

That's what you get when 4 captains are trying to sail the same vessel.

Just to think things over I read some Aussie blogs...

Kenny McCormack said...

Easy. I crawl into bed. Hug my pillow and zone out.

Craig said...

Easy... I resign... just like I did today! My tour of duty with Team DInnigan is over and I am feeling better already.


Monty said...

I go to David Jones's - a lunchtime spent in glorious abandon makes the afternoon bearable!

Geoff & Terry said...

Fast Paced: exercise, exercise, exercise...swim, gym, run, cycle (with iPod on)...get me away from people

Slow Paced: Tomato soup, a toasted cheese sandwich (or as we call them in Canada, grilled cheese), a tragic European art house film, the phone and computer shut off, and Geoff and I cuddled up on the couch! No possible distractions!