Thursday, 24 May 2007

The Royal & More

My day started as planned with a walk in the Royal National Park with Brenton d'licious. As you can see from the irreverent photo on the left (click to enlarge) it was a glorious day, and here we were just warming up. We took the path less travelled, much to the disdain of somebodilicious' ankles and found some breathtaking scenery before plunging into the pristine clear waters of Wattamolla in birthday suits (as appropriate for this day). Thanks Brenton, too much fun. And now I'm back in the hospital, working, but it's a relatively quiet night here so all is well and I may sleep enough to be fresh tomorrow for work and more importantly 'Holding The Man' at the theatre tomorrow night.

Now I know you're all wondering but yes The Frenchman has already taken me out for a candle-lit dinner last night at Samuel's, a fave restaurant in Thirroul (10 min from home). Isn't he sweet? But to add to the sweetness was my banoffee cheesecake dessert - to die for.

So the day has been sensational despite working half of it. In fact I've had cakes made for me at the surgery and kisses from kitchen staff here at the hospital, amongst episodes of people breaking into the dreaded birthday song... hilarious. My patients too have been very pleasant and kind, and even cute at times.

But there are more friends and family to catch up with for a somewhat extended celebration, and that gets into full swing tomorrow. I'm very much looking forward to the weekend ahead.

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