Sunday, 13 May 2007

How Gay is YOUR Sport?

Last time we looked at AFL which garnered a 2 star participation rating and a 4 star spectator rating (see post here). Today we're looking at:


Participation Rating:

it would have to be the most gay friendly sport (is anyone not gay who dives? seriously?) You also get to wear next to nothing with a host of other hot men wearing next to nothing and spend time with them in hot tubs between dives... Synchronised diving means you HAVE to get up close and personal... No option but a 5 Star Rating.

Spectator Rating: Near-naked invariably cute men, aesthetically pleasing activity, gay friendly crowds, water, potentially grand packages (see Canadian gold medallist - in red) no option but a 5 star rating - making Diving the first 10 out of 10 Gay Sport rated here at superchilled.

Coming soon @ superchilled : Ice Hockey


Peter said...

It's one of the few sports I watch, next to athletics

Geoff & Terry said...

Given that the particular event that you have pics of is sponsored by Qantas it sort of says it all for the 'how gay is your sport' tag :)

Tom Cat of Bondi Beach said...

Interestingly I went to watch the Sydney Convicts rugby team last saturday - they are a gay rugby team. It was unusual to see so many of what I perceive to be negative str8 alpha male characteristics being undertaken by gay men. [and yes I did find it kinda hot]

It made me re-visit some misconceptions about team sports and even overt agression in sport.

the link is

Campbell said...

I love watching diving, although sometimes have to close my eyes thinking they're going to hit their heads on the platforms - they appear to go so close, and of course there have been a couple of incidents of TOO close.
Divers' bodies are amazing. They have the swimmer's build with the abs of a gym junkie. Yummy!!

Neena said...

Great work.