Sunday, 27 May 2007

Gods of men

You've all seen them, the people who stop you in your tracks, make you melt on sight, leave you looking stupid and saying silly things (or inappropriately silent). Well he swims at my haunt, the uni pool, he's a basketball player for the Wollongong Hawks which makes him tall & beautifully muscular and while in clothes he looks thin, out of them, there ain't nothin' thin about him. He was at the pool Saturday, as he thankfully often is - arrived and left at the same time we did (there is a god) and I just never tire of him. I think he's delightfully straight, and he mostly keeps to himself, but when he interacts and smiles - it's like heaven has opened it's gates a little for a peek, and then he's gone. I don't have any photos (this one is close), but in my mind - I think I could sculpt him.


Geoff & Terry said...

Trevor, I didn't give you permission to use my photo. Terry

Bri said...


I just found your blog ... love it


Brechi said...

just surfed in from your friend's blog....had to say hi ;).

you'll have to try to sneak a picture of this we can see :)

Trevor said...

Welcome Bri & Brechi, hope you enjoy your time here at superchilled. I'm not sure I'll get that pic of Mr basketballer, but the idea of it will keep me going... (and I may well get that underwater camera yet!)
Thanks Terry for stepping in for the photo. You're a doll.