Saturday, 26 May 2007

Holding The Man

We saw the play Holding the Man on Friday Night at the Opera House. I have to say after all the build up and rave reviews I was a tad disappointed, but regardless it was worth venturing out for. I guess whenever you read a book that something later is based on - it's unlikely that the latter will outshine the former. They did a good job and there were some hilarious moments as well as very moving ones. I guess for me the warmth and love that shines in the book is somewhat lost in a little too obvious humour in the stage version, and the performances weren't as convincing as I'd have liked. But I did get a little teary in the end - not full on tears, but emotional - for a moment - I'd prefer uncontrolled tears - a sure sign that something has moved me, but those moments are rare. The Frenchman, Aussielicious, The Patient Man and Monty were all there to share in it as was quite a large collection of gay Sydney. Has anyone else seen it and have any personal views?

(warning: don't let The Patient man let loose on a bottle of wine, if you want to remain inconspicuous)

The remainder of this season are sold out but do yourself a favour and go out and get the book. Well worth a read for anyone of any persuasion. (Pictured here is the book cover.)


Craig said...

I didn't realise we were going 'under cover'... I'll leave the Tiara and sequins at home next time.

:-) x

Campbell said...

I loved the book, very moving. I'm hoping the play will come to Melbourne - but I have a feeling it's not going to.