Friday, 11 May 2007

Me First?

Who needs to eat out when you have a resident chef? David here worked quite tirelessly feeding a seemingly endless number of mostly men at the Byron Bay beach house. It made me think, there are people in this world who just get out there and do things - and there are those who deliberate and put it off and want other people to do it for them. I guess we all fall into different categories at different times, but there are certainly people who are a lot more giving than others more of the time. I must say I do like the people who are generous of themselves. There is a certain human quality in them that stands out, they tend to have a certain sense of understanding, tolerance and I guess a selflessness that I admire, and aspire to. In this world we seem to have a great emphasis on 'me first', and often in doing things we are expecting recognition and reward. If someone doesn't see that we've done - something nice or good, we'll bring it to their attention. It is a challenge to be humble, to focus on others first. I think a lot of new parents learn quite rapidly what it is to do things selflessly; there's a newborn there and it isn't going to feed, bathe or look after itself. But for those of us without kids its much more a matter of choice. Do we choose to be giving or do we choose to look after ourselves first? Focussing on others can give even greater rewards on a more personal level, and I guess ultimately selflessness can itself be quite rewarding. It's still an everyday challenge.

This weekend test out a random act of kindness, or two or more. Then come back and let us know how it felt!


lynnette said...

Yum! Looks heavenly. And you're right, it's not often we that sacrifice for others when we dont hope to reap some sort of rewar; this is especially true with people we don't know... even the concept of karma comes from the expectation or at least the hope that the sacrifice will be repaid...(which in fact it usually is.....)

peter said...

Looks tasty! I mean chef David, I don't like eggs that much.