Wednesday, 30 May 2007

wild wednesdays

It's the day for going beyond your boundaries, moving in ways unmoved, no tip-toeing through the tulips here, it's stomping through the snakes, swimming upstream, taking the plunge. Find a way to make your day unusual. Call an old school teacher , or an old lover, and arrange to catch up. Come out to someone new. Show a public display of affection somewhere you normally wouldn't. Write a letter to an editor about an issue important to you. Buy a stranger a simple gift - a flower or even just a newspaper.

Make this Wednesday Wild!
(then tell us what you did)

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

How Gay is YOUR Sport? #4

Surf Boat Rowing It's kind of limited to surf life savers, in coastal regions but in my part of the world they're everywhere so here is the 4th in the gay sport series, Superchilled's 'How Gay is Surf Boat Rowing?'

Participant Rating:
Hours of training with tanned and potentially lean and hot surf life savers wearing speedos converted to G-strings (for traction is it?) on the world's best beaches. Increasingly gay friendly environment (aided by a mardi gras entry this year-see their blog). When the boats crash though - and they do - the injuries can be solid.
4 Stars

Spectator Rating:
Face it, if you're watching them, you're at the beach, there are likely to be loads of life savers about, speedos galore, and hormones abounding. They may be out in the surf a lot and not exactly close for inspection - but when they do come in - you can see a lot of them! especially if you like a good set of buns.

Being Boring - music video

Pet Shop Boys - Being Boring - My all time favourite music video.
I guess it has inpired me in a lot of ways. The gorgeous men aren't bad either. Thanks Bruce Weber. Enjoy. (4min55sec)

Monday, 28 May 2007

Get me the hell out of here!!! NOW

Do you have those moments where you just need to get the hell out of here right now!!? I think I can empathise with people who have panic attacks, or agoraphobia. Today I had been working pretty much non stop for 5 or 6 hours, with the prospect of a whole nother 4-5 hours ahead of the same when I got to a small break... sure there was paper work in front of me, but, apart from a potentially suicidal patient to follow up (which I did) there was nothing that couldn't wait for 30 minutes or so. I could have soldiered away on the results and things, but I just HAD TO ESCAPE, I was a caged animal, the day outside was sunny and warm and I'd been inside for all of it.
I'd normally go to the pool across the road from work - but it's closed in winter - damn it - so I did the bolt - to the ocean pool in Coalcliff (thankfully work is close to home). I dived in and my blog title became me - absolutely superchilled - freeeeeeezing. I thought I'd seize up after just one lap, and I sure was hyperventilating in that oh my god I'm going to die if I keep swimming kind of way, but I'd come this far to escape and made sure I managed a few more.

It was the perfect (well almost) break and made me a hell of a lot more awake and focused for the afternoon.

When do you feel the need to escape at a rapid pace?
What do you do?

38 Hibernate

One of my least organised birthday events for years, but I had a ball. There were superstars galore, Aussielicious was there in red, when he was clothed, The Patient Man, of course, and a selection of awesome people who will remain unnamed, but not uncelebrated. There were surprise guests to keep the crowd guessing, and more intoxicating beverages than are routinely known to me, just to keep them more confused. Sydney Harbour delivered a perfect sunset and the most excellent environment for a prolonged and comfortably lazy afternoon/evening. Thanks guys and dolls, brilliant.

Until I get photos from The Frenchman's phone cam (wedged somewhere under his sleeping body on the couch right now) you'll have to trek to The Patient Man's written and photographic account of the evening here. Thanks Craig.

Sunday, 27 May 2007

Gods of men

You've all seen them, the people who stop you in your tracks, make you melt on sight, leave you looking stupid and saying silly things (or inappropriately silent). Well he swims at my haunt, the uni pool, he's a basketball player for the Wollongong Hawks which makes him tall & beautifully muscular and while in clothes he looks thin, out of them, there ain't nothin' thin about him. He was at the pool Saturday, as he thankfully often is - arrived and left at the same time we did (there is a god) and I just never tire of him. I think he's delightfully straight, and he mostly keeps to himself, but when he interacts and smiles - it's like heaven has opened it's gates a little for a peek, and then he's gone. I don't have any photos (this one is close), but in my mind - I think I could sculpt him.

Saturday, 26 May 2007

Holding The Man

We saw the play Holding the Man on Friday Night at the Opera House. I have to say after all the build up and rave reviews I was a tad disappointed, but regardless it was worth venturing out for. I guess whenever you read a book that something later is based on - it's unlikely that the latter will outshine the former. They did a good job and there were some hilarious moments as well as very moving ones. I guess for me the warmth and love that shines in the book is somewhat lost in a little too obvious humour in the stage version, and the performances weren't as convincing as I'd have liked. But I did get a little teary in the end - not full on tears, but emotional - for a moment - I'd prefer uncontrolled tears - a sure sign that something has moved me, but those moments are rare. The Frenchman, Aussielicious, The Patient Man and Monty were all there to share in it as was quite a large collection of gay Sydney. Has anyone else seen it and have any personal views?

(warning: don't let The Patient man let loose on a bottle of wine, if you want to remain inconspicuous)

The remainder of this season are sold out but do yourself a favour and go out and get the book. Well worth a read for anyone of any persuasion. (Pictured here is the book cover.)

Superchilled Race Around the World Winners - Leg 13

Leg 13 found us inside the Guggenhiem - this time in Bilbao, Spain. The architecture of the building itself was probably more interesting than the exhibits when we visited - but they were good too. A lot of people complain about Bilbao - but we loved it. Not a big city - but certainly quite animated and fun to explore - which we did mostly on foot.
Lynnette wins this leg of the race, identifying the location correctly first, and Altraeis get's the award for best event planning in the space photographed (see below) because well, a foam party and naked men just wins....

Thursday, 24 May 2007

The Royal & More

My day started as planned with a walk in the Royal National Park with Brenton d'licious. As you can see from the irreverent photo on the left (click to enlarge) it was a glorious day, and here we were just warming up. We took the path less travelled, much to the disdain of somebodilicious' ankles and found some breathtaking scenery before plunging into the pristine clear waters of Wattamolla in birthday suits (as appropriate for this day). Thanks Brenton, too much fun. And now I'm back in the hospital, working, but it's a relatively quiet night here so all is well and I may sleep enough to be fresh tomorrow for work and more importantly 'Holding The Man' at the theatre tomorrow night.

Now I know you're all wondering but yes The Frenchman has already taken me out for a candle-lit dinner last night at Samuel's, a fave restaurant in Thirroul (10 min from home). Isn't he sweet? But to add to the sweetness was my banoffee cheesecake dessert - to die for.

So the day has been sensational despite working half of it. In fact I've had cakes made for me at the surgery and kisses from kitchen staff here at the hospital, amongst episodes of people breaking into the dreaded birthday song... hilarious. My patients too have been very pleasant and kind, and even cute at times.

But there are more friends and family to catch up with for a somewhat extended celebration, and that gets into full swing tomorrow. I'm very much looking forward to the weekend ahead.

birthday boy

A walk in the park, that's what I'm doing today, the Royal National Park, before I start work in the afternoon and then work all night... (don't you hate working on your birthday!!) But then we're going to see 'Holding the Man' playing at the Opera House (from the book of the same name which is a sensational read by the way). The play has has had nothing but good reviews and I have been keen to see it since it's 1st season (this is it's 3rd). The weekend to follow will be rather sociable. I'm so looking forward to it! Not sure about the extra year though this year - but I'll come to grips with it soon enough.

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Wild Wednesday

The wind from the west is wild - and causing havoc with our power supply here (trees on power lines etc...) But Wild Wednesday is not about weather. It's about doing things that scare you. And no I'm not talking jumping in front of moving traffic.

It's all too easy in life to do the same things or types of things each day - follow the routine and stay within our comfort zones. But what is life if it is the same every day? When are we challenged? What makes us think about things from a different perspective? I think travelling is a great way to challenge ourselves - provided it's to somewhere where we get to interact with the locals and to explore the lives of others. It can be scary - but is often immensely rewarding and insightful.
But we can't travel every day.
Or can we?

On Wild Wednesdays we can take a trip in our own world - go a different way to work, to school; eat at a different place for lunch or dinner, interact with someone we haven't really spoken with much and find a bit about their life. Come out to people about your sexuality - perhaps someone you hadn't really planned to but hey - what better way to get to know someone! Invite someone new out to dinner, or arrange an impromptu dinner party for 4. Perhaps sex in a new location, or in a different way. A phone call to an old school, uni friend or your relative who you used to be close to. Something that makes you a little scared - a quickening of your heart. Perhaps its time to ask that guy out who you've been pondering about for ever, maybe he's straight, maybe he's not.

Think outside your comfort zones, do something different - you might just bring something or someone new into your life.

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Monday, 21 May 2007

Location 12 winners & Location 13

Leg 12 was a keenly contested race - with Peter von Amsterdam ultimately winning over Altraeis who were just minutes apart with their final correct entries. Well done guys. (see leg 12 below for details)
The latest in the race around the world series is above. (click on it to enlarge) Do you know where this photograph is taken? In a slight twist - this leg we continue to have the first correct entry - but also a challenge... What would you do if you could book this space for an event of your choice?

The race starts NOW.

A&F - lake

Another A&F Moment
It is Monday after all and we have a week to get through.

May 24 approaches...

I guess like New Years Eve, when a birthday comes around you start to think of your year just gone, the year ahead, and life the universe and everything in between. Normally at this time I'm busy organising countless things that I'm preparing for my friends to do for my birthday 'event'. I have made them do car rallies, make short films, photo essays, arranged art classes and had them drawing and painting, sometimes a combination of these all merged into one. But this year I have no big event, save for a get together for sunset drinks. So I'm more reflective, more introspective, and more well, exposed to the ravages of birthdays and the numbers they add. Where am I going? What am I doing? Have I done the right things? Should I be better at x, y and z? Should I make an effort with my estranged sister? Should I chill more? Am I neglecting my family? Should I be more politically active? Are those wrinkles really mine? Am I making a difference in the world and Could I make a bigger difference?... it goes on...

I know the answer to some of those questions, but I'll still keep asking them, others I'm not so sure. At the end of the week, I'll still be the same person, maybe I'll have grown up a little, maybe I'll have slept a little more. I hope I'll have made the world a little better, preferably much more. But I have no way of monitoring that - I can't put a log on it, I can't find a stats web page to review my progress. I'll just have to trust that what I'm doing is what I should be doing, and push myself to continue to do more.

Coalcliff at Night

A night time walk for Norten (our labrador), so I took along the camera and took a few snaps. The working week is about to begin, have a good one!

Sunday, 20 May 2007

BSB - The Lens is Turned

A perfect day in autumnal paradise. Work in the morning was refreshing, it's nice to be appreciated. But weekends are not for work. We headed to Paddington for a spot of shopping before meeting the regulars at BSB. En route there were scores of men in various stages of undress being photographed (frequently self portraits) one assumes for a certain aussielicious public nudity challenge... Our scoring was a little different to Brenton's... And having a camera handy is good for those perfect 10's out there, thanks for the memories... The Patient Man wasn't so patient and practiced the art of being obvious with my camera - Jake, Jason & Julian who had their whole own BSB experience just the thickness of glass away from us (and whose names are completely fictitious until proven otherwise) were the subject of his musings, one of whom can be seen below. Could the man in cargo shorts please report to base?

Aussielicious signed autographs as per usual - more naked men than just him this time meant he didn't seem so out of place. The decadent hot chocolate keeps one warm regardless of how little clothes one has on. A useful fact for Aussielicious as winter heads our way. But today was a day to farewell Sam. One of our original BSB'ers, Sam is heading to Sudan. 6 months sans Sam will feel like 16. (perhaps even more - but I'll keep you posted) and his farewell was not at BSB but at the clock tower hotel a hop, step and jump away. A delight as always, Sam has entered the blogging world - and when I have his address will publish a link. In the meantime here's the man of the moment - soon of the Sudanese moment.

How Gay is YOUR Sport?

Superchilled's sports rating continues...

Ice Hockey
Not a big sport here in Oz, but blogging is international and it has men, so here we are...

Participation Rating: Loads of gear required- (although this may mean more locker room time and assistance with same) being pulverised by or pulverising opposition each game, serious grunt factor. Potentially cute men - but who can see under all that protective gear?
1.5 stars

Spectator Rating: The games are fun to watch - if you don't mind a bit of biff. But not for the cute factor. The cute rating is in the crowd - definitely a goer in my limited experience (mind you that was in Sweden) but you can spend equal times watching the crowd as the players...
3 stars

Saturday, 19 May 2007

When it Rains, it Pours

It's been one of those ends to the week.

Since starting work on Thursday and working almost constantly since, I have been just supercharged with things to do - bloody sick people!! Where do they all come from? From stitching people back together and sending people off to hospital (plus receiving more patients at hospital!) to counselling those who are angry about dying. In the free moment when I got to have breakfast with my friend Mark at diggies cafe at the beach - it POURED literally with rain this time - we had to take shelter inside (even though we were well under cover outside - such was the ferocity of the rain storm). Back to work in the morning (ie Saturday) but then have some time to recharge. I hope.

Have a great weekend in the meantime!

Thursday, 17 May 2007

Impulse Swim

When it comes to water it's never hard to get me in. I was walking the dog at the beach just now and discovered it to be so incredibly summery and beautiful that I had to go swimming. Sure I didn't bring a towel or speedos but never let technicalities get in the way of a swim I say.
What does everyone else do on impulse with reasonable regularity?

Public Nudity

Have you been nude in public? Is it something you aspire to? Do you want to become infamous? Check out the public nudity challenge at aussielicious for your shot.

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Location 11 winners + New Location 12

In Leg 11 of Superchilled Race Around the World, we travelled to Split in Croatia the gateway to the Dalmation coast... (We'll be heading south of there again later this year.) Altraeis got lost in Prague & a few other locations along the way - but good effort there mister!! The winner was Maple Leaf Terry in Sri Lanka who hit the nail on the head. Altraeis gets the best effort award this time.
Now for the next leg. Pictured below is one heightened perpective on this location. Can you tell me where we are? First in correctly wins. Get somewhere near or creative and win the alternate prize.
The Race Starts NOW.

Brush with Celebrity...

After posting the clip of Nemesis - the gay twin singing duo - Jed from Minnesota emailed a picture of his brush with celebrity. They were performing at the national human rights campaign dinner, and seem to be rather personable, (just like Jed!) Thanks for the picture.

Strange Sighting #3

While doing my crunches tonight at gym, the guy next to me on a fitball was chatting to someone on his mobile phone, I assumed. I continued with my crunches as he continued with his conversation.

Then he got up, and as he turned I realised, there was no mobile phone, no earpiece and no-one with him...
It was time for me to avoid eye contact, and move quietly and quickly to the nearest exit...

Monday, 14 May 2007

Hot Music Clip

Nemesis: Number One in Heaven

for more on these gay twin singers... click here

Sunday, 13 May 2007

Mother's Day at BSB

The queues are getting longer and the food is running out - it feels like we've arrived in the communist bloc, or maybe too much free blogertising has taken its toll... perhaps we need to find a new BSB? These questions and more will be dealt with another time, but today at the bourke street bakery we discovered that The Patient Man got his (or is that Collette's) dresses in the front pages of the popular press this week (though he was too busy exploring the wonders of American men to revel in his glory), Much About Monty was revealed but not discussed, The Sailing Penguin got lost somewhere on the Croatian coast in his quest for a Superchilled Race Around the World Title (and during his latte got beaten by a Canadian in Sri Lanka), The Frenchman infused his haemoglobin with a caffeine chaser while the always delicious Aussielicious explored American culture with The Patient Man in preparation for a hotilicious date (in between signing autographs from all and sundry including two big fans with small dogs, and a Japanese tourist who only recognised him when he disrobed, again) . It was hard to keep up, but the hitherto unknown (to this blog) Rick was in the wings taking notes for a tell-all tale on a blog yet to be unveiled.

I think I overdosed on chocolate, one shot of the BSB hot chocolate and you're already over the legal limit - and then there were the chocolate-cherry biscuits... heaven on a milk crate. I managed to swim it off at the pool afterwards - definitely performance enhancing. Thanks BSB boys, fabulous as always, but where was Sam of the original fab 4?

Oh, and I miss Byron - the weekend was great, but Byron... well, it's just a world away.

Oops almost forgot, Happy Mother's Day!

How Gay is YOUR Sport?

Last time we looked at AFL which garnered a 2 star participation rating and a 4 star spectator rating (see post here). Today we're looking at:


Participation Rating:

it would have to be the most gay friendly sport (is anyone not gay who dives? seriously?) You also get to wear next to nothing with a host of other hot men wearing next to nothing and spend time with them in hot tubs between dives... Synchronised diving means you HAVE to get up close and personal... No option but a 5 Star Rating.

Spectator Rating: Near-naked invariably cute men, aesthetically pleasing activity, gay friendly crowds, water, potentially grand packages (see Canadian gold medallist - in red) no option but a 5 star rating - making Diving the first 10 out of 10 Gay Sport rated here at superchilled.

Coming soon @ superchilled : Ice Hockey

Saturday - Drying off with Norten

click to enlarge

Saturday, 12 May 2007

The Race Continues... Location 11

We've had a rest this past week from racing around the world, Byron being the oasis of choice. But now the race is underway again. As previously, if you can be the first to correctly name the location of the photograph above from our travels, then you win first place. If you can create an entertaining alternative guess then you're in the running for the creative prize.

The Race Starts NOW.

Friday, 11 May 2007

The Frenchman

Here is the Frenchman enjoying a siesta at the beach house in Byron. He's not a fan of cards and I think we were playing a game of 'up the river down the river' at the time I took this photo. The game was new to me and a lot of fun. At that point in the weekend the house was a little quieter and a certain calm had descended. Looking at the photo (I'm working overnight now and he's at home) and I feel lucky to have him in my life. Over the weekend I was thinking how great it has been to have him with me over these past almost 12 years. Sure there are times when we have both felt like running a thousand miles the other direction, but I'm glad that we haven't. More often than not we've flown that distance together in our exploration of the planet (and recurrent visits to the Frenchies). It's been important and rewarding for us to have the support of family and friends. The frequent amazement people express when they learn of our longevity as a couple makes me a little sad that gay relationships are often lacking in such support and encouragement that we have had. I hope the future shows a much more encouraging and supportive society, and a more encouraging gay community as well, which has sadly not been as supportive in general as one might expect. I'm pretty sure though that we'll be creating more amazed expressions as the years go by.

Me First?

Who needs to eat out when you have a resident chef? David here worked quite tirelessly feeding a seemingly endless number of mostly men at the Byron Bay beach house. It made me think, there are people in this world who just get out there and do things - and there are those who deliberate and put it off and want other people to do it for them. I guess we all fall into different categories at different times, but there are certainly people who are a lot more giving than others more of the time. I must say I do like the people who are generous of themselves. There is a certain human quality in them that stands out, they tend to have a certain sense of understanding, tolerance and I guess a selflessness that I admire, and aspire to. In this world we seem to have a great emphasis on 'me first', and often in doing things we are expecting recognition and reward. If someone doesn't see that we've done - something nice or good, we'll bring it to their attention. It is a challenge to be humble, to focus on others first. I think a lot of new parents learn quite rapidly what it is to do things selflessly; there's a newborn there and it isn't going to feed, bathe or look after itself. But for those of us without kids its much more a matter of choice. Do we choose to be giving or do we choose to look after ourselves first? Focussing on others can give even greater rewards on a more personal level, and I guess ultimately selflessness can itself be quite rewarding. It's still an everyday challenge.

This weekend test out a random act of kindness, or two or more. Then come back and let us know how it felt!

Thursday, 10 May 2007

More of Byron

I like this shot which was taken at King's beach on our final day in Byron. Todd was a very relaxed subject for this photo and thank god it was warm enough to hang about on the beach even after the sun had moved off. It's just an awesome place, so chilled out and beautiful. Although the previous day at the beach it had poured on us - I was swimming in the rain which was very heavy, like a summer rainstorm. The pock marked sand afterwards felt like you were walking on braille, then walking out barefooted through the muddy pools on the track, under another rain storm made it all very sensuous. Todd was one of the people who helped make the weekend such a fun one, the lucky bugger is still up there with the remaining (yet dwindling) group.

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Superchilled Byron

We’re just back from Byron Bay, and I’m having trouble putting into words the great time I had there. I think decadent seems to fit well. The things I love were plentiful, swimming, cute and interesting men, relaxed times chilling out with new and well known faces, and awesome weather. I wasn’t sure it would turn out this way – you see, our regular trip up for the last ocean swim race in our calendar with a few friends who mostly also swim, was heavily modified this year with the addition of a complete crew for a 40th birthday event (the birthday boy and most of the partiers not known to us). So we were dispersed amongst 4 or more houses, the main one on the beach the hub for most activities (the photo above is from inside it). Keen as I am to meet and get to know new people, it was daunting at times, but made easier with various games and interactions that happened along the way. A logistical nightmare at times, it seemed to flow reasonably fluidly and at the end now looking back, I had such a good time I’d do it again tomorrow, and the next day, and…

Here are some photos from race day, including most of our swim 'team'.

Not the official party but his actual birthday.
(click on photos for larger versions)

Just a taste of Byron...

Hungry for more?

(update: links for the above pictures now work)

Saturday, 5 May 2007

Back Soon

If you're new to superchilled, it might be a good time to read through older posts and see what you've been missing.
Have a great weekend.

We're off to Byron Bay

We were up in Byron Bay with friends earlier in the year and are headed back this weekend for an ocean swim race this Sunday and staying on for a few days. Paradise...

Location 10 - Revealed

Superchilled Race Around the World was keenly contested in this leg. With contestants essentially working together to find the final correct location. Craig correctly got there first "Ta Prohm Temple" in Cambodia, part of the Angkor Wat temple complex, as initially suspected by Brenton.

We travelled there in 2005 when The Frenchman had a work seminar there and figured we should take advantage of the free accommodation in a place that we had heard great things of. It was much greater than I expected and Ta Prohm was my favourite location (featured in one of the Tomb Raider films). It's the awesome trees growing over the top of everything that makes it even more sensational. The gastro that I developed in the last 2 days. when we had planned farther afield day trips, was not so sensational, well, perhaps it was, but for all the wrong reasons. Overall though it was a great although limited experience of Cambodia.

On this leg Geoff gets the 'most creative' prize with tourist photos of everyone BUT himself at the temple and locations resembling Ta Prohm. Well done everyone.

Friday, 4 May 2007

Caption This.

I finally had a quiet day at work today!! Managed to escape early and headed to the beach for a swim - it was a balmy 27 degrees (at least) and the beach was filled with young men playing ball sports (including more than a few American men passing their gridiron balls). I did some laps in and out of the breakers as training for this weekend's trip to Byron Bay for an Ocean Swim Race. There were a few stingrays out there too - so I kept my feet off the ground. Then had a hot chocolate at diggies afterwards in the setting sun - and took these pics. Heaven...

What do you think he's saying in this picture above? Add your captions in the comments.

How Gay is YOUR Sport?

Over the coming weeks I'll be looking at various sports and determining how gay they are both in terms of participating in them and being a spectator. They'll get a rating out of 5 for each category...

Aussie Rules Football (AFL)

Participation Rating: 2 STARS
You get to be up close and personal with a lot of well defined, often cute, athletic men, but have to also tolerate loutish behaviour and trips with the boys to the straight pubs and obligatory chatting up of women... combined with a reasonable degree of homophobia.
Spectator Rating: 4 STARS
A men only event, with loads of flesh - short shorts, sleeveless shirts with great arms (and legs, and the rest) cute men getting up close and personal. The games last forever but its a relaxed & fun experience - unless you were born in Melbourne in which case your life is defined by it.