Tuesday, 17 April 2007

the end of summer as we know it

There's a chill to the air, the sun is disappearing early, the last glimpses of summer seem to be fading before my eyes. I really enjoyed it - I want it back! Sure it IS April and all, but where is this global warming we've all been promised?
I always think that the winter months are good for being more productive - creative wise - but I'm not sure how true that is. I find the warmth and beauty of summer inspires me... and in winter - work is BUSY AS HELL, damned sick people!! So I guess i'm more drained by the time I get home... But I guess our climate isn't too bad here - and these pictures were taken today, and I am still in singlet and shorts... so it can't be all bad...
But I STILL want my summer back!!


Craig said...

...but that just means winter is here... and people will want to stay warm, and therefore shop for new warm clothes... and that keeps me employed!

Yay for winter!

Peter said...

All the seasons have their charm, we are still waiting for winter but got summer instead of spring. I'm not complaining BTW