Monday, 23 April 2007

race around the world leg 6: completed

Monsieur Le Monty has won leg 6 of Superchilled Race Around the World, correctly naming Bucharest, Romania as the location of the House of the People, pictured earlier: location 6, and above. Thanks for the detailed history, Monty. Craig is runner up, for reasons that will become obvious when you read his entry.

The next leg of superchilled race around the world kicks off shortly. Be ready.

New to superchilled and the race? Click on the 'race around the world' link below for the background. Photos I've taken from various locations on the planet will be posted - and your task is to correctly identify where they are - or to make some elaborate / entertaining guess. Everyone can and should enter - life is too short to sit on the sidelines.


Monty said...

Wahooo! *leaps in the air, high fiving* I'm excited! I'm assuming the winner's cheque is in the mail? ;-)

Peter said...

Forget the cheque, it will be eternal gratitude!

Craig said...

What do I get for being a smart arse?

Much love,

C xx

Trevor said...

Craig, you get the recognition of being a winning smart arse. Congratulations, and welcome back to Leg 7, now running!