Sunday, 8 April 2007

So this is Gisborne?

Here we are in sunny downtown Gisborne. Where's that? It's on the east coast of the north island of New Zealand (about as far east as you can go I think). It is indeed a sunny day here - which is a little of a surprise from the land of the long white cloud... but I'm enjoying being back in shorts. The first night we spent in a tent (no room in the inn) and started off well - but we all managed to have terrible sleep, cold and not so comfy, so booked into a hotel here last night with a HUGE, palatial almost, 4 room suite (usurping someone who hadn't turned up in time) the town is booked out it seems. So last night we got some good sleep. Managed to swim last night as well and then this morning as well. So the holiday is going according to plan. Next stop - well who knows.. but we'll keep on moving and exploring... and seeing what happens.
Happy Easter!!

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lynnette said...

sounds like fun......say hi to bryce for me!:) i have been cleaning my windows and eating peas and lentils...happy days;)