Saturday, 28 April 2007

Strange Sightings No.1

After my regular morning swim at the uni pool today I was getting changed when two twentysomething guys walked into the change room - it looked like they'd been doing some kind of exercise, but not swimming. They undressed down to their underwear, then promptly stepped into the open shower, and showered WITH their underwear on. And it stayed on, when I left they were still wearing their wet and sagging underwear as they dried off...

I thought that was only something for underwear ads, mind you one of them was cute, but still, it's just wrong.


brenton said...

ah those crazy young straight shy boys! Give them a dozen beers and they'll be doing nudie runs down the middle of the road!

Speeding Bullett said...

Whats the old saying, " Whats the difference between a gay man and a bi-sexual man? 6 pints!

As long as it was pleasing to the eye, who are we to mind.