Friday, 27 April 2007

Superchilled Race Around the World - Location 8

You've all been waiting for it - now here it is - Leg 8 of Superchilled Race Around the World. Can you identify where this picture is taken? As previously, prizes are awarded to the person who gets the answer right first and the most creative answer in by the time I'm ready to make a decision. Fittingly for a Friday it's a Hotel - but who will be able to meet there for drinks after work?


Peter said...

This fine hotel has a history that started in 1897.

On the corner of Marine Terrace and Essex Street in Fremantle, Western Australia you’ll find this friendly hotel. The view in the photo above is on the corner of Collie Street and Marine Terrace.

Just across the street is the Esplanade Station.

Fremantle is the ideal location to start your holiday. Fremantle boasts some of the finest shopping, dining, recreational and leisure facilities in Western Australia. Located in a beautiful port city, where the Swan River meets the Indian Ocean, Fremantle enjoys a Mediterranean climate.

The Esplanade Hotel Fremantle has a rich and interesting history.
This history can be found at:

I posted this link since it's to much to put down here.

Peter said...

I'm hoping to meet my best friend here, not just for drinks but dinner too and the night is still young...

He deserves some time-out, he finally got the visa sorted for persecuted Nigerian leader Davis Mac-Iyalla, who will be visiting the U.S. from May 16 - till July 4.

Davis Mac-Iyalla addresses the first meeting of Changing Attitude-Nigeria, the support group of LGBT Anglicans in November 2005. He has been targeted by the Anglican Church and the Nigerian government ever since, including Church-based smear campaigns, death threats and a bill in Parliament to deny LGBT people the right to gather, speak, publish, visit a website or associate with each other, punishable by five years' imprisonment.

Just sitting at a table with someone who they suspect is gay can land you in prison.

He will accompany Davis to London, from there it's just a short stop to Amsterdam... so drinks and dinner will not happen anytime soon in the Esplanade Hotel, but sooner on the outskirts of Amsterdam...

You can read and support Davis Mac-Iyalla on:

If you want to know who my best friend is... read the last entry of Books, books, books on my log.