Monday, 23 April 2007

Race Around the World - Location 7

The Race is on. Being the avid swimmer I have a collection of favourite pools around the world. Here is one of them. Do you know where it is? (click on it for the larger view) There's also a kind of illusion in the image too - a nice one - can you identify it? Winners are the first correct, and most creative responses. Bonus points if you can tell me how long it is. See you at the deep end. Good luck!


Anonymous said...

Simple - Kitsilano Pool, Vancouver, BC, Canada (lovely spot of the world).

137 metres long to be exact!

Peter said...

Kitsilano Pool is heated and offers easy access "beach entry" for children. It is the only salt water pool in Vancouver and one of the few in the world.

It's on 2305 Cornwall Avenue, Kitsilano Beach and you can call them on: 604-731-0011, don't forget to add the international number when you call from abroad!

The pool has the form of an elipse, in the photo above you can't see that properly, the only straight stretch is between the two black [tiled] lines.

It features a Cafe, 3 slides and is wheelchair accessible. [at last a place where I can swim, except for the costs of getting there].

The pool is 137.5 metres (150 yds x 60 ft wide), it contains salt water 25ºC (77ºF) Zero depth entry to 9 ft (2.7 meters).

Thanks anonymous for the help

peter said...

I'll send you a pix from across the bay, in which you can see the curves of the pool better.

In your photo it looks like it has a straight edge on the side of the bay! It also looks like you pasted several photos to make it look like a broad view.

Just zoom in and you can see for yourself.

Craig said...

It's actually the new kiddies wadding pool at the Palace De L'Stanwell Parc.

All this nonsense about Vancouver... bah humbug...

Peter said...

I'm sorry Your Highness Craig of Baskerville [I'm mumbling "I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy *falling on my knees* and kissing the ground you walk on]

I think you would like that! Wont you! Where are the hounds BTW?

Geoff & Terry said...

Hey guys...Now that the answer is out there, I can breath a sigh of relief from holding my tongue for so long....who is Mr Anonymous by the way??? (Gary?) One piece of local trivia that I would like to add is that 'Kits' pool, previously my local pool, and the ajoining beach and park is where some of the cutest (mainly straight) boys (and their gay!)can be found in the summer....eye candy central!

And as for Craig and his nasty comments about Vancouver...please consider all diplomatic ties and any invitations for free accomodation severed from this point onward ;)