Thursday, 12 April 2007

Flight Plan

Staring at me all the way back from New Zealand was this emergency opening graphic... The staff even go to the point of telling you how to open the damn door... Half way through the flight I find myself thinking, 'hmmm I wonder what would happen if I followed these instructions...' So this is me staring out the window at a rather spectacular afternoon, calculating how easy it would be to throw out the 15kg door (yes they label the weight and all) whether I would be sucked out regardless of my seat belt firmly fastened.. then if someone else happened to be unfastened, could I in fact stop them from flying out when de-pressurisation ensued... it goes on. But it made me think - how often do we think of the things we could possibly be doing badly? But not actually do them.

On the positive side - it meant I was sitting in a seat with extra leg room - and in economy class on any plane - that's a very good thing. (especially if you have legs as long as mine)

Oh, yes. We're home!
Lots to post. Keep tuned.

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