Friday, 6 April 2007

New Zealand bound

We're off to the windy city of Wellington, the Capital of New Zealand for a 6 day Easter escape. Our good friend Bryce has been studying there since January and we promised to visit, so this is it. We have a hire car booked, a map, our camping gear packed (although we'll probably mix it up with solid walled accommodation from time to time) and not a lot in the way of plans. Everyone has been cringing when I say Wellington - but I really liked it on a fleeting visit some years ago and in the end we'll be touring the southern part of the north island much of the time anyway, to fill in gaps from that 4 day north island blitz all those years back.

Posts here will be thin on the ground I expect, but superchilled race around the world will continue. Be prepared. Location 2 will be posted within the hour!

Here's a stolen moment from a serene Bryce.
Happy Easter!!

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Craig said...

Bryce will be uber thrilled with this photo of him around the world...

Serene indeed!