Thursday, 5 April 2007

superchilled race around the world

A brand new worldwide competition STARTS NOW.

A photograph of mine from a location somewhere on the globe will be posted on superchilled.
The first person to correctly name the location (most accurately and specifically) wins.
Most creative guess is runner up.
Both winner and runner up will be posted here on superchilled.
Over the coming weeks and months scores will be tallied to also provide a series winner.
Below is the first location photograph.
May the world be with you!

Tell me where this photo is taken and be the first winner.


Geoff & Terry said...

Hey Trev...

Berlin's U-Bahn Stadion (also home to Berlin's 'U-Bahn museum'


Peter from Amsterdam said...

This is the Underground Station in Berlin at Olympia Stadium, of the U2 line.

The Berlin Olympic Stadium and the stadium premises look back on a fascinating and significant history. The origins of the stadium were laid in the 19th century, when the stadium first started as a horse race track.

This station building is from a later date.

I've been to Berlin, but never to these parts of town. The give away is the big U, a sign of its time.

Geoff & Terry said...

Ok time to up stakes and raise the bar on my answer...after all this may be my first and last correct answer in this competition so I am going for broke..

The U-Bahnhof Olympiastadion is located at:
Rominter Allee
Berlin, 14052 Germany


Located on the U2 line running between Rankow and Ruhleben, it was opened 8th June 1913 (a somewhat troubled olympics!)


Peter said...

It became a Olympic Stadium in the summer of 1936, when for the first time an African-American, Jesse Owens won the 100 and 200 meters and long jump.

It was a big blow in the face of Germany's oft-stated racial superiority!