Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Rainy Days

The rain has set in, in the land of the sun. We pray for rain one day - curse it the next. Our dams are emptying - yet the rain falls well away from them - and in bucket loads. Here's a pic from my balcony just minutes ago - a little rain explosion.

My favourite rainy day thing is to go swimming. I remember lazy summer days as a kid on school holidays we'd go camping on the Myall Lakes about 3 hours north of Sydney (although in those days it was more like 6 hours). I loved when it rained. We'd race out into warm lake and sit on or in whatever we had that floated, the rain pouring and reducing the waves on the lake to an enforced calm. Siblings and cousins all out in the water playing and splashing about. There was a silence that came with the rain - the lake would be empty of boats and water skiers, the water glassy, just the noise of us in our own world. Sometimes I'd go windsurfing on these days - it felt like you were the only one on the planet, gliding silently through the water...

And now I'm off for swim training.
I hope it pours.

What's YOUR favourite rainy day thing?


Monty said...

Swimming in the rain is wonderful! In Nth Qld, the rain was always warm and so there would be a layer of warm water on top...wonderful! But I must confess to just loving snuggling, cuddling and sleeping in rainy weather now!!!

Speeding Bullett said...

Oh how we love the rain, being dragged up in the rain i cant think of anything worse. Bring on the summer in Europe:)

Alfred said...

Cuppa hot tea or latte, standing by the window watching people and listening to the rain.