Friday, 20 April 2007

Fridays are for...

  • Being nice to strangers on your way to work.
  • Looking at the workload you have upon arrival and realising that you could be in a queue at social security.
  • Really REALLY enjoying that coffee break mid morning, and thinking about your weekend plans while you're on it or making them if you haven't got some already because they'll be needed later. Ideally make sure the plans start as soon as work finishes.
  • Working exceptionally hard in the remainder of the morning, so you feel better about being slack later.
  • Organising meetings and appointments and all kinds of work for NEXT week, because at least it looks like you're doing work - even if you're not quite.
  • When it all just seems too much, you have your weekend plans from earlier to look forward to - savour them, think about how soon they will become reality and how good you will be feeling THEN.
  • Kissing your assistant/ cleaner / someone who works for you in some way on the cheek (elsewhere if you feel like you need a new job, and not in a hurry) to thank them for putting up with you all week, or just because they're cute - if you're lucky.
  • Buying dinner to eat in or take away - kitchens are NOT friday utensils.
  • Loads of sex. You don't have to get up early - you might as well have something to savour or re-try while you're lazing under the sheets well into Saturday morning...

1 comment:

Craig said...

All these rules...... sheesh...!!!!

I can do all of it except the last one... ok?