Friday, 6 April 2007

superchilled race around the world - Location 2

The superchilled race around the world continues...
Where is THIS photo taken?

Peter von Amsterdam won Location number one, The Railway (underground-ish) station at the Berlin Olympic Stadium, with Geoff d'Vancouver a close runner up with everything but a piece of the building in his competition entry. I was impressed! Round 2 may be a bit more challenging, and distracting. The photo is one of a series...
But can you name the location?
Again first prize to the one who gets it right first, runner up to the most creative entry.
Competition details & Location 1 can be found here.
It's time to search the planet!


Geoff & Terry said...

On the basis that I would be disqualified for insider knowledge on this one (I remember seeing this as one of your postcards and loved the old couple in the corner of the pic)I am compelled to sit this one out...arghh!

Have a great time in NZ


Peter said...

It looks to me Ipanema beach near Rio. The couple in the foreground are there for their daily dose of skin cancer.

I've never been to this part of the world and neither to New Zealand, because I think Geoff & Terry are trying to say something in their kast line... ;-)

Peter said...

Go figure, I didn't read the post before this one...

You're off to New Zealand, I hope you have a great time!